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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/7/2020 22:00 (Entered as : 06/07/2020 22:00)
Reported: 8/22/2020 9:56:46 PM 21:56
Posted: 8/27/2020
Location: Highland, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 10 minutes
Orange/red glowing lights following the same path and disappearing in the same location in the sky

I was outside of my cousin's home waiting for him to come back out when I saw two orange/red lights coming up over a mountain in the distance. I watched them until they disappeared, thinking they were possibly lanterns someone let go I thought nothing of it. I started to turn away when I saw two more come over the mountain again. I grabbed my phone and began to record. These objects went in the same pattern as the previous two and disappeared in the exact same location. My cousin came out and began watching them with me. Two more appeared and did the exact same thing, then two more. His wife called him and we began explaining to her what we were seeing.

She looked up from her location, which was closer to the area in which they were coming from and saw the same thing. She said there wasn't any noise but she was quick to pass them off as helicopters or drones until she saw more coming over the mountain and began to really watch them.

Not one of us heard any noise coming from these objects, they were not blinking, they all followed the same path and disappeared in the same location in the sky.

I have one previous experience when I was around 8 years of age and I was with my father and brother. These looked different from the one we had seen then but it too was in Highland. That one was the most interesting thing I had ever seen. It bounced all over the sky, continually changed color and when it finally disappeared after 10-15 minutes of watching it, it "exploded" into every color of the rainbow.

I thought twice before posting this but as I am watching "Unidentified," the videos they are showing right now are of the same objects that my cousin and I saw that night and it gave me more confidence to come forward. I have a 6 minute long video of what we experienced and viewed that evening. I am definitely looking up at the sky more frequently now!