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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/28/2020 17:32 (Entered as : 06/28/20 17:32)
Reported: 8/9/2020 7:11:52 PM 19:11
Posted: 8/20/2020
Location: Cerritos, CA
Shape: Teardrop
A tear shaped object with two tail fins photographed appears to be traveling at a high speed.

On June 28th 2020, I was looking out of my living room window and noticed there many police cars rushing down the street. They had blocked the street off so traffic could not get through, so I decided to walk down the street to see what was going on.

It turned out that it was unfortunately a fatal accident between a car and a motorcycle.

I decided to take a picture with my iPhone of the accident and returned back home. I took a look at the picture that I had taken and noticed an object in the center of my photo. It is shaped like a black teardrop with two tail-fins. I did not hear any sounds.

At the time that I took the picture, I did not see it nor was I aware of this object at the time, however, when I hold my finger on the photo, it appears and disappears as though traveling at a high speed. The photo is on “live” which means it records a split second before and after the photo is taken.