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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/1998 13:00 (Entered as : 6/1998 13:00)
Reported: 2/19/2020 9:31:31 PM 21:31
Posted: 2/25/2020
Location: Alpha, IL
Shape: Circle
Duration: 10
I was with my 2 kids, Teenagers we went to visite my Uncle on his Farm, we knocked no answer, so we went up the road, just for a drive , up to the Diner, but all the sudden to the left side of the interstate in the cluster of trees a round shaped ufo shot slowly right straight up into the air, it slowly crossed the interstate & crossed over to the small caboose diner, & it hoverd above our heads, me & my 2 grown children.

We ran inside the Diner, we all 3 herd the Hamburger Fryer slowly sizzle off.....then we all 3 noticed something horrifying, everyone that was eating & talking, & drinking a coffee or tea suddenly came to a stop!, as if someone had stopped them with a remote control to a Tv.

Suddenly I tried to call for help 911 to the Alpa IL Police Dept, but the small Diner's Phone was dead!!! My 2 grown Kids a daughter & Son broke down crying. I wanted to hide us all but I felt we would have no luck in doing so.

So I told my Son to look outside to see if he could see the UFO, while my daughter i had to calm down she was in a frantic, I had to hug her, & rub her back & I prayed hard.

We went outside to see where my Son was, we couldnt see him anywhere!!!! 😰which at that point my daughter said she didnt think he was coming back. And it felt like forever while we stood there waiting for him.

Finailly we thought we saw him from the distance, we was right it was him, my Son was running back to the Diner to us, he told us as he stood there breathing hard, sorry but I went way down the road, I told him that I didnt send him down the road to look for the UFO, he said, well when I didnt see it, I wanted to see if it was down the road. He simply misunderstood me. We was so relieved he was back.

We got over by my Car, a small Car & we went to my Uncles, & he didnt answer the door, so we opened the door in fear of the UFO, I must of been Diabetic back then & didnt know it, because I felt like I was going to swallow my Tongue, so I opened a can of Tuna, I made sandwiches for us all 3. We ate, by time we was all done eating, my Uncle came inside & said he was gonna call the Police, but I told him you dont know what we just wrnt threw I told him, then he didnt believe me, & I told him to ask my Son, my Uncle use to be a Sailer in the Navy, so he asked my Son is that true? And my Son said yes. He listend to my Son, then we left.

I will never go back to Alpha IL ever again. It was horrifying.

Yrs later I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2007, & my kids aren't the same living 2 grown kids, they grew to hate & distant from the Lord Jesus Christ. And the 2 disowned my Dad, & me & my Husband Please pray for them.Pastor told me that Saten is making our kids hate & disown us.

And Pastor said that Aliens are "Fallon Angels sent by Saten, to try bringing us all into a place of deception", to try & kill, steel, & destroy our love for Jesus, & to try & kill, steel & destroy,our love for our familys!!!, and so I think Pastor is exactly right, so I need everyone to Pray for our 2 Kids, that they will grow close to the Lord Jesus Christ, & that they will grow to love one another & grow to love my Husband & Me.

Standing on Matthew 21:22&23 when Praying. & Pray them Fallen Angels leave me & my Husband & our 2 Kids & our Grandchildren & great Grandchildren alone.

Ufo's have been tracking me down for yrs, im tired, im 62 now, & I have Arthritis & my muscles ache everyday, pray they leave us alone.