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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/24/2013 21:00 (Entered as : 12/24/2013 21:00)
Reported: 1/23/2020 2:15:14 AM 02:15
Posted: 2/7/2020
Location: Upland California, CA
Shape: Cross
Duration: 5 minutes
Cross shape shifting ufo

This happened a while ago but Iím still very intrigued by this night.

What was I doing at the time? Picking up a friend from work with a car full of people (5 people) I was sitting in the (back seat in between my friends. Which made me the last to see what my friends started yelling out ďUFO itís a UFOĒ! I didnít see it until I demanded the driver to pull over so I can get out and see what the fuzz was about. ASI got out of the car and began to look up at the sky I saw it. It was almost Orange but like the color of a street light. And the light looked as if it had a light on it. (Not like a light that shines out of it) like nothing I've ever seen the craft was a cross shaped craft with the nose and tale shape shifting.

What was it doing when I saw it: Flight normal or a minute but it clearly was not a plane as you could see the angles of the arms of the cross perfectly. Yet the nose and tale would change for being squared to rounded off. This was a cross like the one Jesus is on with the head as the nose and the tail as the feet. (Laying down not standing up) then it started moving in a way I canít explain. Until finally turning into a orb after flying in some weird pattern back into spaceĒ The first person to see it was the passenger seat (guy getting of work) he explains how it first caught his eye. ďIt was a star like object that began to get brighter until forming into what I saw and explained.

WHY AM I REPORTING THIS NOW. Because I canít go a night without looking up in the sky and wondering what it was that I saw. I reported it back then and saw one other report of the same thing which I mentioned.

End note.

Iím am forever changed by this event. Nothing was said on local news and very little was I able to find about it. I got no pictures cause I had no cell phone at the time. Know Iím seeing more and more about this craft. Iíve read so far that Area 51 has a plane supposedly cross shaped and it was still being learned about by the people at Area 51. Iím not saying what I saw was this craft but from what I gathered from the report it does sound the same. Iíve never seen anything in my life shape shift so I am still curious about it being man made. Cross ufo are on the rise I believe it could aliens or our government agencies experimenting with learn about this technology. Iím not at all surprised to say reports about cross ufos are almost all the same description to the tee most of the time. Was it the sign of the cross cause looking back a the ufo battle in ancient pictures you can see a iron cross type craft in the battle above the skies they described. Please contact me if y! our interested as I canít get this out of my mind to this very day