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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/16/2020 18:20 (Entered as : 01/16/20 18:20)
Reported: 1/16/2020 8:31:40 PM 20:31
Posted: 2/7/2020
Location: Isleton, CA
Shape: Cross
Duration: 40
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color
Too warm yellow orange lights dance in dirt across the sky almost every night of the year in a repeatable fashion.

The following is a detailed account of my observations of the ďcraftĒ in the overhead sky on repeatanle days of any random day of the week on any random week of the year. This report is specific to a single particular date and time, however I have seen the same activity on almost any given day of the year. I have brought numerous friends to the location to verify the veracity of my claims; all have agreed that my statements are accurate.

The following is my eye witness account of events in the night sky above the town of Isleton in California bordering Rio Vista California off of Highway 12. I would imagine that you can share this sighting at any of the locations of Isketon, Rio Vista, Lodi, and up and down Highway 12 between those locations, perhaps all the way to Suisun City.

My sightings come from the back of my boat which is situated in a marina on the Delta Loop. Looking out the back of my boat at approximately a 60į angle to the horizon, I can see 2 warm orange lights that are stationary in the sky. On occasion there is a single cool white light usually off to the right of the stationary objects. Itís not always a guarantee that the third object is present. These objects appear to be nothing more than airplanes with their usual lighting on them, however Iíve never seen man-made flying craft with such warm orange yellow lighting to it.

These two orange yellow lights will stay at a consistent space apart from each other in a hovering pattern usually completely still. Sometimes they will deviate in there hovering patterns ever so slightly but I cannot tell if that is just cloud cover causing my eyes to trick me or if they are actually moving horizontally. As time goes on eventually these craft will deviate from the covering pattern and fluctuate in altitude significantly going all the way to what is almost the horizon or very near the ground from I can tell at approximately 300 feet above ground. Usually, after about five minutes of this vertical dance, one of the objects, usually the right most object to my position will become stable and again hover. The left most object will then make a rapid travel across the sky in a perfectly straight linear fashion until it has traveled far left out of my sight and is blocked by Marina cover. The remaining craft with itís warm yellow orange lighting will remain statio! nary for perhaps 60 seconds and then it will travel far left as well, out of sight. Thatís very few minutes has passed, the two objects are back in a group together at the far left but the lighting is very dim and has become more white.

Eventually two warm orange yellow lights will appear exactly where the other two left from. It is unclear to me if the others came back or if these are new ones coming in. The bright white light seems to just stick around and sometimes will move around a bit but and sometimes just flicker and fade out to come back again later.

On some occasions, though not that rare, the two objects dart about the sky in directions of no particular order. It is unlike any human made craft I have ever seen until about six months ago when I was privy to seeing RC style quad colters fly upwards of 100 mph and able to change directions rapidly. Also similar in-flight pattern to the RC helicopters that are able to perform acrobatic flight patterns. They very much mimic the flight patterns of RC style Quad copters. I am not sure the scale is correct however, due to my not knowing the actual distance Making it challenging to determine scale in the night sky.

When I first saw this, of course I questioned my own sanity in the interpretation of what was going on. I imediately had a friend of mine over to witness this spectacle who was equally as struck by confusion and amazement as was I.

I highly recommend anyone in the area to hang out anywhere on the Delta Loop or in Rio Vista downtown and look to the sky anywhere from 7 PM to 4 AM and you should see exactly what Iíve been reported. It does need to be on a clear night, they donít seem to exist or non-clear nights.

Iím not aware of any military operations or other rumors or stories going on in this area. However, Travis Air Force Base is nearby and there are stories of strange activity in the Fairfield area as well as Suison City, though Iím not sure if the storytelling has made its way to this more remote area of Solano County.