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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/1/2019 02:10 (Entered as : 08/01/19 2:10)
Reported: 9/19/2019 12:45:50 AM 00:45
Posted: 9/19/2019
Location: Roseville, MN
Shape: Light
Duration: 8 seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object left a trail, There was an aura or haze around the object
Many Sightings I Have Witnessed In 2019

- Summer of 2016 I was on my back deck and I looked up at the stars and said, “ If there are any aliens up there blink a light 3 times really slow and bright.” That’s EXACTLY what I saw; 3 blinks to the north nice and slow and bright. It looked like it came from where satellites would be (about that high up) and the brightness was as bright as the brightest star. The next day I ask the same thing and AGAIN I saw 3 blinks in the sky but this time to the East.

- 06/06/2019 – Around 3:10am I was outside on my back deck looking at the stars; I talked really quiet saying, “If there are any aliens up there please show me your space ship; Do something.” To the East moving from South to North I saw a moving object light up for two seconds; I said, “Thank you; Please do it again.” About 1 minute later I saw the same thing this time North-East moving in the same direction. It was like what people who see UFO’s call a Power-Up, but very short as if they only wanted me to see them. The object appeared to be about 1 mile away from me; The light went from complete darkness to brightness, fading-in from small to large and fading-out from large to small; Hold your thumb and index-finger ¼-inch apart and then hold your fingers against the sky and imagine a bright-light about 1 mile away at that size [That’s about how large the light was at its brightest]; And the shape of the light was more oval shaped being wider on the left and right sides.

- 06/08/2019 – Around 2:50am I was on my deck looking at the stars asking the aliens to please show me something; I turned south-east and noticed 2 bright stars, one on top of the other; I thought to myself, where the heck did those 2 stars come from? I never saw those stars there before; Every night the same stars are in the sky; I stared at those 2 stars for about 15 seconds and then they both slowly faded away together in about 15 seconds; A cloud would cover one first and then the other; These both faded away together. 06/09/2019 I looked at the sky all night from 12am to 3am and I never saw those 2 bright stars to the South; That confirms to me my experience yesterday was aliens that created those 2 bright stars to the South.

- 06/27/2019 – Around 2:25am I was laying on my reclining chair looking at the stars and said “Show me something aliens” and eventually I saw a light moving from South to North looking over my house towards the North; I think it was a dim Power Up that lasted only 4 seconds; It appears to be the same object I saw 06/06/2019 at 3:10am that did a Power Up.

- 07/03/2019 around 1:00am I was outside on my deck laying back in my chair looking at the stars; Within 5 minutes I saw something moving from North to South and light up for about 3 seconds; It was up where satellites are; The light wasn’t super bright, just bright enough for me to see clearly; The last time I was out there I asked my alien friends to please show me something moving from North to South because the last 3 times I saw things moving from South to North; This confirms to me something is listening to me up there. About 5 days ago I saw the same object moving from South to North and it lit up [a light] 3 separate times just 2 seconds each time and in a row and that was it; That’s when I realized the last 3 times I saw something up there they are always going South to North and asked them to please do something from North to South next time [and that is what I saw tonight].

- 07/03/2019 around 3:00am - I had another experience; I went out around 3am and looked at the stars for 10 minutes; I went in and got my laser; I shot my laser up in the sky for 3 seconds a little East and then said… ok aliens, I put on a show for you; Now you put on a show for me; Within 1 minute I saw a blinking light START where I shined my laser for 3 seconds and the blinking light went North; I stood up out of my chair and looked over my roof and it blinked a few more times and then stopped, nothing more.

- 07/04/2019 around 4:00am I asked the aliens to show me something and soon after straight above my head as I was laying back in my chair looking at the stars I saw a quick bright flash of light and that was it; Nothing more; I said Thank You, I saw that; The flash of light was 1/8-inch round and appeared to be about a mile or so in the sky.

- 07/05/2019 around 3:30am I had just sat down to look at the stars and within 2 minutes looking South I saw an object do two slow flashes of light and that was it; I felt like it was my alien friends saying hi to me; It was not fireworks; Super quiet, warm, and clear sky.

- 7/18/2019 around 12:45am I was looking at the stars laying back in my chair and I said “Aliens show me something please”; I saw 3 bright blinks way up in the sky slowly moving from North to South. They answered me within a minute.

- 7/22/2019 around 12:50am looking at the stars asking my alien friends to show me something; About 3 minutes after that I saw a light moving across the sky from North-East to South-West and then faded away during flight; It was about twice the size of a star, solid white light. Clearly not a satellite because it faded out completely above me to the right [South a little].

- 7/23/2019 around 12:30am I shine my green laser into the sky for 3 seconds and say “Ok alien friends show me something”; About 3 minutes later I see a white light moving across the sky from North-West to South-East and then fades away not too long after it passes over me. Around 4:00am I shined my green laser in the sky for a few seconds, waited, about 3 minutes after saw a light appear above and to the North-East as it was moving and then fade away within about 4 seconds; 2 minutes later it did it again.

- 7/24/2019 around 1:00am I was laying down on my chair looking at the stars; I said, “Aliens, bring your ship down here”; Within about 3 minutes I saw a detailed light flying from South to North only about 500 feet above me; It was like a ripple of light, three u-shaped lights similar to this: ((( flying above me. Then immediately after I see a light moving across the sky way up high like a satellite from North to South and it seemed to make a little curve as it was flying; As it passed over me it went a little further and then faded away completely [That lets me know it was not a satellite]; And as that light was moving the other light that was only 500 feet above me flew by again from North to South but this time dimmer.

- 7/25/2019 around 3:50am I was laying on my chair looking at the stars, I looked South and saw an airplane flying from South-East to North-West about the size of an inch with solid and blinking lights; Then, much lower moving from South to North a random blinking bright white light went over me and seemed to go higher as it went North and seemed to fade out; Then 4 minutes later it came back from North to South blinking randomly a bright white light as it went South; I sat there another 20 minutes and didn’t see anything more. About 20 minutes after that I saw what looked like a falling star but I don’t think it was because it was right above me falling from West to East like a firework and it appeared to start at that point.

- 7/30/2019 around 4:00am I was looking at the stars [a cool night wrapped in a wool blanket] and I said “Come on alien friends, put on a show for me” and I saw a light [tiny like a star/satellite] moving above and in front of me from West to East a short distance and then faded out; Then I said “Come down here close to me about 50 feet”; Shortly after I saw a stream of light fly by from south to north in front of me; Then I said “Now come 10 feet from me”; Then I saw a light at the top corner of my house above my sliding glass door light up dimly and moved to get my attention making me look; I definitely know something is communicating with me [an alien, a light being, something].

- 8/1/2019 around 2:10am laying on my chair in a wool blanket on a cool night I was talking to the aliens asking them to take me to Hawaii and then above me flying fast from East to West at the top of a tall tree in my yard about 150 feet up a very intense about 8-inches wide yellow and green light smeared across the sky [Yellow in the middle with green on the outside edges]; The color was so intense against the night sky it reminded me of colored posters that glow with a black ultraviolet light .

- 8/7/2019 around 3:30am; I haven’t had any alien/ufo experiences the past 3 or so times I’ve been outside looking at the stars; Tonight I said “If there are any high vibration/frequency aliens that can hear me and your intent is for my highest good and will help me raise my vibration/frequency show yourself to me now please”; And I saw a stream of light fly by me about 40 feet up just over the roof of my house moving from south to north [Like if you took an almost white red-hot piece of coal/wood and through it through the air and it flew at a straight line horizontal to the ground; It was mostly white but with a little red].

- 9/2/2019 A few days ago my parents saw their first UFO around 11:45pm; My mom was looking out her bedroom window and saw a square object hovering about 300 feet off the ground above the trees to the North-West; She made my dad come see it as well; It had multi-colored lights on the bottom; Then it slowly started to move; Then a bright white light flashed ON; And then it moved out of view. Around 1:30am that same night my mom said she saw a round white circle to the North that looked the same as the moon looks in the day; She made my dad get up to look at it as well.