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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/30/2019 20:15 (Entered as : 08/30/2019 20:15)
Reported: 8/30/2019 9:54:10 PM 21:54
Posted: 9/6/2019
Location: Orlando, FL
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 3 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
2 craft - in trail formation - both- INGULFED IN FIRE- no sound.

Friady evening about 8:15 eastern time.

Orlando fl.

about 4 miles due north of Orlando international airport.

They sky was 100% overcast-- looked to be 6 or 8,000 feet up--- as the departing jetliners at probably 4 and 5,000 were below it.

I was outside making prepirations for the the approaching hurricane Dora (sic. Dorian).

Just at begining of twilight. Stepped out of my shop to look at a virgin atlantic 747 departing for europe. (Reckegnised it by its sound.) As I watched it go by south to north- I was facing east and it was passing above my eastern horizon and tree line in the distance. It was about 5 miles away so I turned go inside and my eyes caught a light just over the trees as I was facing due east.

At first I assumed it was some kind of plane because the sky was full of departing and approaching - both near and far. Immediately I noticed that whatever it was appeared to be on fire. And it was headed my way with some speed. I thought -- if thats a plane-- he wont be flying much longer with THAT MUCH fire. whatever it was -- it appeared to be engulfed in fire from every part of it. I could see flames blowing out of it from all sides.

I briefly thought of running away as it seemed to be heading right for me-- at least in its heading. It seemed to be holding its altitude--- not descinding at all. I ran to my shop door- about 20 feet away where I often keep binoculars hanging on a cabinet door-- but they were gone.

I got my cheap flip phone and put it on video--- tried to center it in the screen--- and them tried to zoom it while keeping the object in the screen. By that time it was about directly overhead .

I could hear NO NOISE at all. So I rulled out a plane or a drone. I could still see flames blowing out of it on every side - like it was a fire that was being actively fed---- I could also see NO smoke trail like a plane might have made (especially a jet- if it had burning jet fuel- which would have been very smokey---) i believe after the video ends--- I continued to watch it untill it disappeared behind the western tree line.

My mind was kind of overwhelmed trying to figure out what I had just seen----- I stood there a moment-- and turned around and saw another one of the same thing above the easter tree line---- exactly like the first.

I tried to get another video but only got a few sec. of this one. I also watched this one approach the western tree like like the first one did. It seemed to be engulfed in fire just like the first one. just brfore it got down to the tree line--- I saw what appeared to be a halo appear which looked like a half sphere. It lasted about 2 or 3 sec. ( reminded me of the umbrella shaped plume when a rocket's 2-nd stage lights at the edge of space--) It looked like I was looking at the back end of this thing- and the halo was symetrical around it--- After about 2 or 3 sec. of this halo---- all the fire abruptly ended----- I strained to look--- and I could see a distinct outline of some kind of dark object with sharply defined edges.

The sky still has a little diffuse light and I could see it highlighted against it. with only having my naked eye--- I couldnt quite tell if its shape was square or cylindrical ro what geeometrical shape it looked like-- just that I could see sharp well defined edges---- and the fact that it seemed to be very large. Just before the fire ceased--- its position merged with that of a jetliner about 4 miles away (departing the furthet of the 4 runways) and its angular size appeared about 4 times bigger than the distant plane. Of coarse I have no distance information-- all I know is that it was below the cloud deck. Since the clouds were 100% -- if it had been above them I never could seen it at all. The distant jetliners were probably 6 or 8,000 feet I woul dguess and they were below the cloud deck too. So it had to be below that. My first impression upon seeing the first one was that it was maybe 3000 or 4000 feet (when I thought it was a plane on fire---) The time between the first one and 2-nd one was maybe 30 sec. I would guess they may have taken 1 min to go from tree line to tree line.

I truely can not guess what this could have been. It did NOT seem to resemble any UFO report I have ever heard.

I checked the wind about a half an hour later. It was out of the NE and the objects were going very close to from east to west. The only thing I could think of was some of those rigs that people some times release that have a white paper bag with a candle below---like a hot air baloon. However it didnt seem to be following the wind-- and if it was a paper bag that had caught on fire --THAT would have burned up within a few sec. as well as loosing its ability to remain aloft. It would have droped like a rock.

At one point when I was watching the first object coming towards me---- I all most thought I could see a tiny faint steady point of light on each side of the fire-- like just near the outer edges of the fire. All most like a very faint wing tip light.

The only other thing I might immagine it could be ---- was some kind of upper atmosphere-near space plasma or electric discharge powered plane. That might explain the appearance of a billowing fire--- the halo---- no noise--- an another thing. The course these things were on -- was just about exactly the path I used to see air force planes commuting from Patric AFB (near port canaveral) to McDill AFB (Tampa). I wonder if that --- and the fact there was a 2-nd one in trail behind the first one--- is a hint that maybe the air force was involved ????? That was what I saw ! It was very odd !