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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/5/2019 23:35 (Entered as : 23:35)
Reported: 8/6/2019 11:31:12 AM 11:31
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Harriman State Park, NY
Shape: Formation
Duration: 4 minutes
Last night August 5th, 2019, myself and 3 other witnesses encountered a UFO sighting at exactly 23:35. The event lasted 4 minutes. We were driving through Harriman State Park in Rockland County, NY (approximately 45 minutes north of NYC), the roads are unlit after dark which made the experience even clearer to see. We saw 3 individual crafts, disc shaped with 2 lights on each craft in a triangle formation and the 3 objects were completely stationary in the sky.

I proceeded to pull over immediately after sighting this and confirmed with my 3 passengers that we were all seeing the same thing. Everyone confirmed. The moment I turned my headlights off, the 3 craft, still in formation, increased their altitude suddenly, then proceeded to move to the west at an incredible rate of speed. They went from zero to what seemed like thousands of miles per hour in the blink of an eye. As they moved west they gradually increased altitude until they were no longer visible. The total time we watched this was 4 minutes, so at 23:39 the event was over.

I am a former EMT/Paramedic, the 3 people I was with were 1. Retired NYPD Sergeant, 2. A Trauma/ER Nurse and 3. Former US Marine Force Recon Soldier, all of us I firmly believe are very credible, reliable and completely sane. Nobody was under the influence of any drug or alcohol.

I had an experience in Harriman State Park approximately 20 years ago, but I was by myself so never reported it. In that instance I saw a glowing green light about 5 feet over my car (I could see it through my sunroof) speed past me very low to the ground at an alarming rate of speed, then took off into the sky and disappeared. I'm completely skeptical, but I do know what I saw on both occasions and am really glad I wasn't alone this time. If you'd like further details please contact me. Thank you.