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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/21/2005 07:00 (Entered as : 10 21 05 7:00)
Reported: 4/28/2018 11:50:36 AM 11:50
Posted: 5/4/2018
Location: Auburn, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 40 seconds
Characteristics: This is a possible UFO abduction case, Marks found on body afterwards
Silent Daytime Disc Disappears When Just Out Of Sight. Prior to recalling abduction.

...I got out of work early and went the long way around when leaving mowhawk plastic. I saw a disc floating as if it was pointing at me, at a parallel tilted angle. I was taking off my jacket at the time while driving, so I kind of struggled for a second to get it off.

I immediately starting bouncing my head up and down, just to see if i could throw it off, to assume it was some sort of "controlled hallucination" as Mr. Hilary Evans refers to it. Only at the time, I had no idea of such notions, that this ufo could be a manifestation by the greys via implants...

Anyway, I bounced my head up and down, thinking that maybe it was a projection on my window, I guess it seemed to real and since it was something no one ever sees 's, it was highly probable that I would question if it really existed. Perhaps on a subconscious level, I could tell I was a pre-recorded overlaying image because the lighting didn't mesh? idk.

At any rate, I saw a ufo in Auburn, right next to A street. I was stunned that no one else could have seen it yet I suppose it was back far enough, and low enough to where no one could have seen it. Looking at it now, I know that I was suppose to see such a craft considering what happend next.

So I hit the gas as I went around the closed building at mow how plastic (building b I think). At the time their was a row of pine trees, with a fence on the other side. Anyway, the silent daytime disc slowly floated across the sky from right to left, and I was aware that it was going to be out of my visual path soon.

I hit the gas and was going about 35 or 40 i want to say, blindly while hoping that someone else didnt decided to leave work. I suppose if I would have smashed up my car i would have blamed the ufo, considering i was being reckless just so I could keep my eyes on the object.

It was black metal, i could see the welding marks, like extensions. It was a full out disc just as everyone has been explaining, and it was, in fact, the size of a football field, yet a perfect circle. There were even windows deep into the center of the vehicle, as it did not spin. It was silent as if it was not really there at all.

Anyway, I was going very fast, while hunched forward and looking at this daytime disc. I think some poppy song was on the radio, like poker face or something, I remember 1077 was on at least.

Anyway it was just barely out of my reach visually, for about 2 or three seconds. I had to slow down considering it was a right angle, though really I went as fast as i possibly could. It was odd, because this clearly was their goal, to appear in a place where i could not see them disappear.

Anyway, I turned the corner and it was gone. As if nothing was ever there in the first place. just as many other victims of the greys have claimed, the ufo seemed to disappear the second I rounded the corner. It was so silent as if it was really some sort of implant manipulation. What Dr Karla Turner calls "illusionary tacts". What Mr Hilary evans calls "controlled hallucinations".

When I first saw the disc i told no one. I felt like perhaps it was the military playing tricks on me. Then about 2 years later… I recalled my seventeen-year-old abduction. A bunch of snippets of blacked out moments, as the greys seemed to somehow have endorphin control. I kid you not, this must have been a warning since they knew I would recall? Then again, perhaps it was just some other human uploading images via implants? All I know is, I saw a ufo in October of 2005, and I didn't quite think it was real. I highly questioned it even though it didn't really look like a 3d graphic, though nowadays it hard to tell.

If you asked me, what do you think the purpose of abduction is? I would tell you, I think the "alien" greys take our out of body, I call it close encounters of the eighth kind, to have your out of body takin as you as awake, "associated with having your soul sucked out from you" - mandrake1975 Anyway, Please visit my abduction music at Pyridoxine Oxide If you wish. Thanks for giving me a chance to explain. I know I told mufon but they are kind of a joke, I looked and it seems you don't even have my account. Auburn 2005 Wa Black Metal Welded Disc, Disappeared conveniently as i rounded the corner, October 21st (I want to say it was the 21st) God bless, screw the greys.

Thanks for giving me a chance to be heard, it really means a lot to me. I hope you dont erase this post like the greys erased my memories involving the seventeen-year-old abduction. GOD BLeSS!!