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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/15/1970 22:00 (Entered as : 11/15/1970 22:00)
Reported: 4/14/2018 9:17:27 PM 21:17
Posted: 4/19/2018
Location: Somerville, NJ
Shape: Disk
Duration: 2 hours
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, Entities were seen
What do you do with a guy from another planet?

This my UFO story. I’ve told it through the years usually starting with: had I had a camera I could have made a movie.

It started with my best friend ((male name deleted)) and I returning to his house, after having worked at his stepfather’s gas station. I was 15, and it was November of 1970, I believe.

Upon exiting the car with ((male name deleted) and his family (step-father, mother, sister and brother) we were all startled by a flash of light. Like a photo being taken. We each thought it had come from a different direction.

Not thinking too much of it, ((male name deleted)) and I decided to go to a nearby middle school to swing on the flagpole rope just for something to do. After a few turns we both stopped to rest at the base of the flagpole which was directly in the front of the school that was facing a busy two way road. Sitting back to back parallel to the school front, we both saw an arching blue light over the tops of the trees showing above the school from behind it. We both immediately said the same thing, “What was that”.

So we decided to investigate, making our way around the right side of the school via a blacktop road that went to the back playground area. As we started around the rear corner we were met with a loud, radio-like sound that grew very loud. We backed up to the front of the school until it faded away. We then again made our way around to the back, positioning ourselves against the brick wall at the rear.

The back of the schoolyard was situated with an expanse of green grass that extended about 150 yards to the edge of the woods. The blacktop we were on went about 20 yards to the lawns edge, with a basketball hoop and a streetlight at the edge. This was occurring at night so the streetlight made seeing the treeline a little difficult. But as we watched we could see a figure moving from the path in the woods to the left. When we yelled to ask who it was, it stopped, didn’t say anything and then continued on. We then saw the figure move back to the right and go back into the path. Then at one point we saw two figures moving in opposite directions along the treeline. Both stopping when we yelled, and then moving again.

At this point we were wondering who was going through the woods when we saw a UFO come from our right, above the woods, stopping to the left side of the wooded area at the back of the field. It stopped and hovered above the wood and then moved silently towards our left rear. Then we saw another follow the same route. When I looked to my 2:00, which was in the direction of downtown Somerville, I could see a distinct “ceiling” of clouds that were reflecting the light from the downtown business area. It lit the bottom of the clouds creating a clear line of site below them. I could then see one and then two of the UFOs moving between these clouds and the below skyline. They moved slowly and silently towards us and the woods. They would each stop briefly and then again circle back and to our left. While watching this sequence, counting four or five UFOs (unless we double counted them) one of the UFOs, after stopping above the wooded area and at which point it should have moved ou! t to our left/rear, moved slowly and directly toward ((male name deleted)) and me. All the while ((male name deleted)) and I were confirming that we were both witnessing the same things as they occurred. The UFO made its way toward us, not making a sound, until it stopped just above us. It was approximately 40 to 50 feet above us and to our front. It stopped there. We could make out the webbing on the portals or windows and with confirming with ((male name deleted)), we both realized it was observing us. It stayed there for what seemed like a full minute or so and then slowly moved up and again to our rear left shoulder, continuing on its pattern.

At this point, having been frightened out of our wits, it occurred to me that we should get other witnesses. We saw the house to the West (our right) just beyond the gate at that side of the blacktop. We went to the door and knocked, prepared to request that the residents come out and see what was going on. No one answered. At that we decided to go to ((male name deleted)) house, about six blocks from there and get a camera. We decided to take the chance that they would be gone when we got back.

When we arrived at ((male name deleted)) house, we searched for a camera and couldn’t find one that ((male name deleted)) said they had. Instead all we could find was a pair of binoculars that happened to be there. It was cold (November) and I needed to borrow a jacket so ((male name deleted)) lent me his father’s biker leather jacket.

We made our way back and put ourselves again with our backs against the brick wall of the school and waited to see what was still happening. We were there for a few minutes and didn’t see anything. So we decided to move forward toward the grass field and get closer to the treeline 150 yards or so from the edge of the blacktop. As we moved forward, ((male name deleted)) let out a shout, “Did you see that?!” I nearly jumped out of my skin. I ask him about what he’d seen and he said, “That guy was running and he stopped as soon as I shouted.” Apparently whatever it was had been running inside the thin woods to the East and our left, and had come into view as we cleared the L-shaped part of the school building.

At first when I looked I didn’t see any movement. As we moved toward the object it appeared to me, and I said to ((male name deleted)), to be light from a window shining though the wooded area. It was a light Orange/White color with thin saplings and tall grass in front of it. ((male name deleted)) insisted that it had been running right up to the second he shouted. So we moved up to about 15 feet from it and I could make out a figure. It appeared to be a tall, thin man with a large head, a black stripe where the nose was and a black slit for a mouth. He appeared to be crouched as if to leap in any direction. I tried to discern if what I was seeing was my imagination and still just light from a window. We then remember the binoculars we had. So looking up directly at him with the binoculars, it was as if someone had punched me in the eyes. I looked directly into his face! He wasn’t looking directly at me. I looked him over and saw that he had a square black something on his chest. He appeared to be wearing s! omething with a collar similar to our astronaut’s suits. After a half a minute I decided to try and get his attention. I yelled out. “Hey” loudly. He very quickly turned his face and looked directly at me! Again it was as if someone had punched me in the eyes. ((male name deleted)) asked to look and as he raised the glasses to his eyes he let out a “oohh” sound and pulled the binoculars from his eyes. ((male name deleted)) gave the glasses back to me and we watched for a few minutes. I then said something that embarrassed me, “We mean you no harm.” I felt silly after saying that and didn’t try to communicate again.

After a time we started hearing a coughing sound coming from him. I suggested that he might be having trouble breathing. As I watched him, he slowly started to move away from us when a dog from the other side of the wood started barking. He returned to his crouching middle position. I don’t know why at that point but I suggested to Glen that we leave him alone. ((Male name deleted)) agreed. So we turned and started back to our position on the schoolhouse wall. As we made our way around the L and the Alien was out of view, like a B-grade movie, a police car pulled around the corner of the school and drove up to us. There were two officers in the car. Of course they wanted to know what we were doing in the back of the school at night. We tried to tell them that there was a “guy from another planet” (again feeling ridiculous) around the corner but they decided to check out our pockets. Unknown to me was that in ((male name deleted)) father’s jacket, which had very deep pockets, were many books of matches. Great, now we looked like we were up to something with fire. But they believed me when I told them it was a borrowed jacket. They then wanted to know what we were talking about. We said we’d show them. So they followed us in their car as we walked back around the L-shaped wing to the East (left) and as we did I said to ((male name deleted)), “Now you KNOW he’s not going to be there.” It just felt like that would be in keeping with the impossibility of everything else that had occurred. Sure enough he was gone. The officers got out of their car and I described to them what happened. One scoffed and said we were high or something but the one next to me swallowed in the classic gulping way you do when you’re scared.

They got back in their car, drove into the field shining their light on the thin wooded area briefly and turned around and yelled for us to get out of the area and drove off. We then left as told.

To this day I often think of what may have happened had we lingered for no more than two minutes more with the alien. The police would have continued to our position and been witnesses with us. No telling what would have happened at that point. It truly haunts me to this very day.

((male name deleted)) died last year. In the very infrequent contact we had over the years we always included our memory of that night. For a time right afterwards I experienced what I now know as PTSD. ((male name deleted)) was a good drawer and drew the alien in school one day and it sent me back into a brief shock. Later that year, to make legitimacy even more strained, the National Enquirer was offering $10,000 for photographic proof of UFOs. On the cover of one of their issues, taking up the right edge top to bottom, was our guy. Perfectly him. I have since tried to get a copy of it but can’t find it. I think it may be in the Library of Congress, but it isn’t available online as yet. I hope to get a copy and frame it and hang it in my office. He was apparently at the time the most often seen alien.

((male name deleted)) and I at the time knew that as time went on we would ourselves start to doubt what happened. But it did. I often wish I could write it off to imagination or something else. But it happened.

That’s my story. Not many people I know have had an alien trapped (or at least restricted) and then inexplicably let him go. I would have done things differently today but perhaps that wouldn’t work out as well as it did. But had I understood the gravity of what was happening I certainly would have tried something differently. Just another thing that haunts me.

By the way, I’ve since gone on to earn a B.A. in Psychology and I am a devout Christian. I have neither the desire to deceive or mislead anyone. This is the absolute truth.

Thanks for letting me share this.