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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/19/2018 15:30 (Entered as : 03/19/18 15:30)
Reported: 3/22/2018 2:26:03 PM 14:26
Posted: 3/23/2018
Location: Nooksack, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration: ~1 minute
Two or three small, metallic spheres in the sky, seen from Nooksack, WA

On March 19, 2018, at around 3:30pm I was standing at my kitchen sink, talking on the phone with my mom. I was looking out the window above the kitchen sink while talking on the phone when I noticed light colored, metallic-looking objects in the sky. Initially, I thought they were birds as it is very common to see seagulls, bald eagles, hawks, and other birds where we live. At first, I thought the objects were seagulls. Then I noticed they were moving unlike birds and also moving in and out of the clouds.

We had somewhat unusual weather that day with dark clouds in the sky above us, but sun shining in from the west. The sun reflecting off the objects against the dark clouds is what made them noticeable, as they were so small, I probably could not have seen them under normal weather circumstances. The reflecting sun is also what led me to believe they were metallic.

As I watched the objects, I observed them moving up and down in and out of the clouds, as well as side to side. At that point they clearly were not birds. Iíve never see birds fly so high up as to go in and out of clouds at the altitude these objects were flying at. They almost moved in a playful manner, seeming to chase each other in and out of the clouds. I believe there were at least two, maybe three, but because they were moving in and out of the clouds it is hard to say with certainly how many; there were at least two, though.

The entire event lasted maybe a minute, if that. I said to my mom on the phone, ďOh my god, I think Iím seeing UFOs!Ē Then they were gone. They disappeared into the clouds and I havenít seen them since.

It should be noted that we live very near to the Canadian border and I saw these objects to the north, quite possibly over Canada.

At the time of the event I had a hard time making sense of what I was seeing. I was watching these object, expecting them to act like birds but they didnít. When I realized they couldnít be birds, my brain was trying to make sense of what I was seeing, but couldnít and it was difficult to process while it was happening.

Nobody else was with me and, to my knowledge, nobody else saw what I saw.

I am a married, stay-at-home mom to three little boys. I have an M.A. in History, a B.A. in Humanities, and worked as an archivist before our first son was born. I own a small cookie decorating business on the side.