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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/10/2017 22:30 (Entered as : 081017 22:30)
Reported: 8/11/2017 12:38:03 AM 00:38
Posted: 8/11/2017
Location: La Rue, OH
Shape: Flash
Duration: 4 minutes
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Multiple flashes of light of varying intensities and duration in random locations overhead

(The first 4 seconds of the video are stars.) I have an extensive aviation and aerospace background enough to know the differences in airborne craft and their flight peculiarities, if any. I was a pilot in the past. I know all about Wright-Patterson as per Roswell, as my gramps used to work there in the 1950's-1980's. I know what satellites and space junk in orbit look like, too. This is not a spent Soviet rocket booster.

I've seen this thing in multiple states since around 2012 at least. It makes no sound. This thing follows no linear path and has only one light that shines and/or flashes at irregular intervals at varying intensities. The flashes look like fireflys as the flashes occur in random positions, but are much too bright, and I can tell they are way higher up than firefly altitude.

Often, the light flashes bright-enough to rival Venus or Sirius, or perhaps even brighter.

If it were a small, kit aircraft, it would have to be low enough to be able to hear, like around 5000' AGL. If a small kit aircraft managed to get up to 14000' or higher, air would run thin. Maybe the pilot is on oxygen. But at those altitudes the angular separation between each flash is far enough apart, that speed required to be in the following flash position would greatly exceed that of a single-engine prop.

There is no reason why some pilot would be up above this country area in rural Ohio with no wingtip navigation (green/red) lights (against FAA regulations) flashing a single light in a strange manner.

I thought it may be an experimental military craft, or some kind of exercise going on, as often when I see this thing, there is a commercial airliner nearby at cruising altitude (above 18000'). But I have seen these flashes with multiple witnesses who multiple times from coast to coast for about the last seven or eight years, often in parts of the country where there are no fireflys.

I will edit a video of this, also. I suspect that I will be able to film them again soon. I am almost scared to admit to the general public that I believe I can see the flash and "talk" to it. I will say "can I see another, please?" and it will flash brightly. I wait ten or fifteen seconds and I say "gimmie another one!" and it will flash again very brightly right after I ask. I sh*t you not. I am of very scientific mind and I don't generally believe in such a thing, so it is kind of concerning me that I seem to be able to request a flash, and then have it shine or flash very brightly. It's kinda creeping me out.

Like I said, I will try to do this more in the future. This is the first time I have filmed it on hi-def or at all for that matter, and the first time I have ever had a camera good enough to even film anything at night, and I hope to improve my filming skills in the coming nights.

I have seen it so many times over the years and made it flash by asking, that I am pretty sure I can get the same result again. As I was filming this, I held the camera still as possible. I zoomed in 50% at some point about half-way through and left it there. Only once did I quickly move it a few degrees to show an airliner as you can hear me say on the video. I moved it back to the general vicinity. So if you see a flash in the bottom right corner, for instance, and then one in the center, this is not due to me moving the camera. The flashes actually occurred in separate spots relative to each other.

Some flashes were quite faint, others were longer than a flash, increasing in brightness slowly over the course of a couple seconds, peaking in brightness, and then slowly dropping off. Some moved when flashing slowly. Others were stationary quick flashes. The next flash would be very bright and quick, for instance. Each flash was somewhat different. When you hear me say, there's a bright one, the camera did not do it justice. It was actually much brighter than the camera reveals.

My guess is maybe a drone(s), or perhaps it is above the atmosphere (over 100km), which would make it huge, and fast. I'm not sure of the altitude. If I had to bet my life on it, I would guess between 20000'-50000' AGL maybe? But it certainly could have been at orbital altitude, even. I'm not sure.

Maybe it's a drone that can listen in through a cellphone, to explain why it flashes when I ask it to? Maybe just some government employees messing with me, maybe? :D I've been tricked before on more than one occasion by perspective regarding UFOs, so I believe I am more careful to discern this, these days. I'm not saying it's ETs or anything, I'm saying I don't have a clue and I want to know. I will search for similar sightings by others after typing this. Thanks.