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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/26/2017 01:00 (Entered as : 07/26/17 1:00)
Reported: 7/26/2017 2:10:29 PM 14:10
Posted: 7/27/2017
Location: Pleasanton, TX
Shape: Flash
Duration: 20 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
I had driven home after a night of work and was outside having a ciggertte before going inside. i live out in the country on a ranch and enjoy sitting outside watching stars at night.

I saw a bright flash in the western sky and started watching the area. I started seeing an object flashing in a non ethnic fashion. Some flashes where very bright, some dim, some were slow to illuminate and then disaster and others were very fast. None of them had the same timing or length of illumination or brightness. The object was either hovering in a triangular pattern or there was more than one. I could not see the craft itself, only the flashes of light. This lasted for a couple mins until I thought to record it with my camera phone. There was no sound at all and it seemed to be very very high in the sky. It stayed in the area for a couple mins of my recording and then slowly moved off to the north west until I lost it behind the trees. Shortly afterwards the! re was a large amount of shooting stars but nothing was registered at the meteor monitoring agency in San Antonio. It lasted a few mins then stopped. The shooting stars all came in diffrent directions. I have visited of the siting but don't have a computer to down load, so it's still on my cell phone.

I contacted Clyde Lewis and he told me to report it here after he saw the video. I will send the video when I'm contacted.