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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/31/1985 19:00 (Entered as : 12-31-85 19:00)
Reported: 4/29/2017 7:57:53 AM 07:57
Posted: 5/6/2017
Location: Lahaina, HI
Shape: Light
Duration: 45+ minutes
Characteristics: There were electrical or magnetic effects
Golden Orb was the only light hovering very low over the water 1-mile from breakwater with siting ALL power went off

...Lahaina Maui 1985 New Year's Eve UFO-Orb was the only light as Island Electrical Power had an 'unexplained' outage 55+ minutes (reported by Newspaper) Experience...

New Year's 1985 and the revelers were working up a steam in downtown Lahaina, Maui. My childhood Carmel friend, Mrs. ((woman's name deleted)) invited my wife, ((wife's name deleted)) and myself, ((male author's name deleted)), to celebrate New Year's Eve Maui style beginning with dinner and secured balcony seating at Lahaina's infamous Blue Max Restaurant. ((female friend's name deleted)) husband and my childhood Surf Bro, ((male name deleted)), was busy managing the Crazy Shirts stores, working the vacation crowds and couldn't join us. The sun set, dusk faded to darkness with the wait staff lighting R table's candles and suddenly all the electricity went off. Shreaks, bells and sirens of the store's battery alarms went off wildly bringing immediate attention to the darkened town. R Blue Max balcony table was right above main street, with an unobstructed view overlooking the breakwater cement wall with a clear ocean panorama across the glassy, mirror like sea with darkness setting on... Suddenly, all alarms went silent... FLASH of LIGHT.

Directly in front of us was a UFO; silent, large, glowing sphere of golden light, hovering still, above the ocean, less than a mile away. What was totally amazing was that the light emitted and began directly below the UFO, starting on the ocean surface... Yes, like with the sun setting, creating a path of light, coming from over the horizon, the light from the glowing UFO sphere beamed down onto the ocean's surface, creating a spot of origin and raced to shore like a yellow brick road. The UFO sphere's golden glow emitted no sound, provided the only light anywhere and the lit path was beckoning.

Cars quit driving on the street below, people poured out of the buildings and congregated at the breakwater cement wall to stare in silence at the huge glowing UFO sphere. Everyone was in awe with an eerie yellow glow on their bodies, reflecting the golden UFO light. The UFO sphere appeared to be glued, suspended in the sky, as it was positioned so extremely low that the Lanai Island was the back drop behind it... People were packed onto the street so tight; U could not put paper between them. The pathway of light appeared to emerge out of the ocean, distorting my understanding of the Universe, everything learned at school made no sense anymo'... The phrase "We R Here" took new meaning.

Soon, I was wondering if the golden lit path over the ocean to the breakwater shore would become a cosmic walkway that everyone may hypnotically, like the Pied Piper, be summoned to walk on to and be beamed up the glowing UFO? Walking on water? Anything was possible now… All conventional knowledge had just been tossed! Time stood still, with only the light from the glowing UFO illuminating all of Lahaina... Everyone was stunned, waiting for something to happen... We, by default, felt controlled by this strange, silent glowing UFO, realizing U have little control of Ur Life, when a glowing sun like UFO omits Ur only light. We now know that we don’t know anymore... Eventually, I became fearful, scared, frightened, as my Life was changed forever, knowing "we R not alone"... With the challenge of this UFO banging on my psyche's door with the "Big Bully Denial" blocking any acceptance of this UFO experience. I found myself talking to myself, a strange, nonse! nse, babbling an incoherent conversation, "Go away and leave me alone... I want to stay here... On Earth!" Everywhere, all lights were off, the only light was coming from the large, glowing UFO at nearly eye level to me, directly in front of everyone...

The Maui newspaper reported the next day with a simple front page column stating that an "unexplained electrical outage of 55 +/- minutes shut-off all electricity on the entire Island of Maui with electricity being restored, as mysteriously as it went off ." No, none, nada, nothing, zip, zero, zilch was mentioned of the Lahaina glowing UFO sphere sighting and no interviews with anyone! Everyone during the 1986 New Year "daze" that followed tried to find photographs... None to be had! From what I understand of the UFO "electrical disconnect", cameras do not function, as the camera batteries also electrically malfunction, with the same principle that caused the battery operated store alarms to stop? Being introduced to USO (unidentified submerged objects) phenomenon of water fusion energy relationships, my inclination is that this glowing UFO sphere may have come up out of the ocean! The UFO sphere was visible by thousands, remained still and provided the only light for over 40+/- minutes, then sped off in a wildly, squiggle flight, abruptly stopping high, almost directly overhead, while still being larger than any star. Now, everyone looked up to keep the UFO in sight. Some minutes later, the UFO "burst" into fragments like in Star Trek "warp speed" and Star Wars "hyper space" acceleration. As suddenly as the UFO appeared, the UFO disappeared; ZAP... Electricity was then immediately restored! Ur mind changes, challenging all U were taught... Religion, well, U get real religious when the unexplainable lights Ur way. No longer is the Question "if"... "If" becomes reality, now real Q's begin... One may want to deny what U have just experienced, but like an ebbing tide, eventually denial erodes to the base rock fact of the UFO experience... I've been "Touched by Alien Light". This glowing UFO sphere had no sound, was still, exhibiting the color and intensity of the sun, all electrical power stopped with the UFO presence and the electricity was restored when the UFO vanished... As Detective Joe Friday of TV's Dragnet fame says, "Just the facts, Mam."

The following year 1986, I returned with ((wife's name deleted)) to Lahaina Maui. Driving down Main Street and coming to the breakwater cement wall looking out to my right over the ocean where the UFO light began on the ocean surface was an emerged Nuclear Submarine! I was told that the US Navy made Lahaina a port-o-call for the Nuclear Submarine fleet. OMG, Nuclear Submarines have a quarantine zone around them, when there or not... How ironic, the site of the light starting in the ocean beneath the glowing UFO is now off limits because of nuclear submarines. Go figure? I was stunned to view the black stealth "nuclear death" submarine, appearing like a floating missile in the calm sea of Lahaina Maui that once was my sanctuary from a mechanized, techno-mad world, my escape since 1971… I have never been back to Lahaina, I go to Hana, Lahaina; in Hawaiian means : "Blazing Sun"... Has this happened here before... R U 1?