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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/28/2017 00:10 (Entered as : 01/28/2017 0:10)
Reported: 1/28/2017 8:30:12 AM 08:30
Posted: 2/3/2017
Location: Jenks, OK
Shape: Circle
Duration: 3 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Very bright green singular orb pulsing illogically, making 90-degree turns and moving impossibly.

January 28th, 2017, at roughly 12:10 a.m., my boyfriend called me outside to see something, telling me to hurry. As a smoker, he is outside rather frequently. I dropped the late night dishes I was working on and hurried to the back door assuming he had spotted an owl. He pointed at the sky and said, ďWHAT is THAT?Ē Frankly, I started to say helicopter but I got this out, ďheliÖĒ as I took in the sight and realized how large, how bright, how pulsing, and how it was NOT moving like a helicopter. Furthermore, helicopters donít use shockingly green, pulsing lights.

The very bright, and I mean bright, neon-electric green blob shot in 90-degree angles multiple times where I heard myself blurt, ďWhat IS that?Ē Just like my boyfriend had done. It gave me the impression it was darting from place to place like it had not prepared a logical route and had to backtrack frequently. Iím sure thatís not true but that is exactly what went through my logical, planning mind. I would plot a course and have a plan of action, not dart and backtrack all over town if I was trying to accomplish something.

It flashed, I really should say pulsed, this green light but it wasnít logical pulsing like an aircraft does. I live near a very small, businessmanís style airport, RL Jones in Jenks, OK and having lived here about 15 years, I know what the airplanes coming and going look like and what they do night and day. Additionally, my former step-father of 10 years was a pilot for American Airlines and Iíve been in his open-cockpit airplane, a private jet he flew and have detailed experience being in and around aircraft. This was NOT an airplane.

This thing was brighter than anything in the sky. If I had to compare its brightness to something I would go with something in Las Vegas. One of their casinos. That bright. Bright enough that when my boyfriend pointed it out, I didnít have scan the horizon and search or squint. My eyes snapped right to this green flashing light.

It made no sound I could hear. The pulsing lights it had would flash very quickly but not in any discernable pattern, and then turn off for a split second. When the lights would return, all but once it would have moved a decent distance. At one point it shot so far away, it became a pinpoint of green light, but then it immediately shot back to where it had been.

Like I said, this pulsing, vibrant light had no logical sequence of illumination I could detect and I got the visual feeling that the lights were rolling upward, sideways and down to create the undulating, pulsing type light I was witnessing.

Right as my boyfriend returned with his phone to try and record this thing, the light went out for about 1 second. It illuminated again still in the same spot, and then the object moved a great linear distance over the rooftops in my field of vision. It was gone in a second. 1 single second after traversing what is visually to me at least two miles. Probably more like three as we sit on a bit of rolling hill and can see very far from our vantage point. It disappeared after it made that long, inexplicable stretch.

The trajectory it took generally takes the airplanes I see a couple of minutes to cross. I watch airplanes take the similar route daily and I can watch them for minutes. This was a singular second. I have to assume this object was large to be where it was and so visible, because typically those aircraft are 747ís when they are at that altitude, or much lower and loud if leaving RL Jones and obvious. I can see airplanes from both airports from where my house sits. This thing was markedly brighter, like incomparably bright.

You might be tempted to assume it was a Friday night and we were drinking. First, Iím 48-years-old and so is my boyfriend. Secondly, he just got out of the hospital with diverticulitis. One of his antibiotics he must take is alternatively used to help people quit drinking and will cause vicious migraine headaches if the patient attempts to drink. The pharmacist heavily warned him not to dare drink anything alcoholic while taking this antibiotic, so not only was he not drinking, I wasnít. We donít take drugs, either. Neither of us has mental disorders of any sort, nor would be so insane as to take time out of our day to write a fake report.

I actually was very unnerved. I said prayers, to be frank, for a good while before I went to bed about 30 minutes later. I didnít get a happy E.T. feeling. I got a hair-raising, yuck, I-donít-like-that-thing feeling. Iím not a fearful person. Yet, my arm hair stood on end several minutes after coming back inside the house.

It was a clear night. No clouds, no weather, if that matters.

Anyway, thank you for letting me report this. I actually came to this site to check your information hoping someone else saw this. With the hills we live atop I shouldnít have been one of two people to see it. It was over the Arkansas River a good while, so I assume people on Riverside Drive on the east side of the river, (Iím on the west side of this river) which is still Jenks, could see it. As far as it darted it also spent some time (seconds that I saw, no more) over south Tulsa, and when it took its pinprick size, long distant jaunt for that second, I would say it was over Glenpool but it went so far it may have crossed into another small suberb. (Iím on the Jenks/Glenpool border.) Thanks again.