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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/16/2015 16:40 (Entered as : 15/05/16 16:40)
Reported: 11/5/2016 4:19:54 PM 16:19
Posted: 11/11/2016
Location: Farmington, NM
Shape: Circle
Duration: 5-10 minutes

My friend and I were in my vehicle. I looked up into the sky towards the west where the sun is setting, toward some dark and grey clouds. I spotted 4 different "things" in the sky, they appeared to be black and circular. These crafts were hovering or flying together in the sky at nearly an identical speed, in formation. One craft was slightly further out than the others. The other 3 crafts formed a triangle in formation. All 4 crafts moved in the same direction, going further west.

Also, I will add, maybe 6 years ago, I've seen a previous craft take off at light speed, over my neighbors house here in Farmington, NM; I had no idea you could report UFO sightings online, otherwise I would have done it the instant it happened. The craft emitted a blue, purple, white, very very bright and brilliant colored hue when it left. The only way I knew it was there, is because I could feel the energy coming from the craft or whatever was inside.

I am a believer of extra-terrestrial intelligence.