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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/5/2016 23:45 (Entered as : 08/05/2016 23:45)
Reported: 8/28/2016 12:57:10 PM 12:57
Posted: 8/29/2016
Location: Coweta, OK
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 10 seconds
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, Marks found on body afterwards
Basketball sized dull reddish orange Orb flew decidedly around tree tops and past my 3rd story apartment balcony.

My husband and I spend most of our evenings on our apartment porch. We are on the corner of the 3rd story and face an open field next to our apartment complex. We're the only ones with this amount of an amazingly open field view at this complex. Though it's an open field, it is outlined with trees, some of which are close to our porch. From the porch of my 3rd story apt about 20-30 ft out from me, just above a tree top, I looked up and out just in time to randomly see a dull orange/red orb come over and around a tree top right in front of me. I didn't sense it, it made no sound at all, and even though it glowed orange and reddish orange it didn't cast enough light to shine on to anything. So with that being said if I hadn't just looked out at the view in front of me at that exact moment, I would have never seen it, I would have never known it was there at all. It moved fast and direct. Staying just inches above the tree tops, moving decidedly around the tree! tops. Too fast, too silent and too weird of a light to be a drone, too close and too small to be mistaken for a plane or helicopter. A big storm was brewing in the next town over (Broken Arrow/Tulsa) that we could easily see amazing lightening take place from, but the weather was very calm and pleasant where we were. Almost no wind or noise, just a calm night. By the time I registered what I was seeing and started to say, "Wow look atů," to my husband, it was gone without a trace. The whole thing took place in under 10 seconds, my husband was lighting his cigarette while this was taken place and there for didn't see anything. The weirdest thing of all, it didn't fly away, shoot off or land. As soon as I made a sound to form the words Wow, it was that exact moment, mid-flight past our porch it just vanished! Gone. Not up, not down, not hiding... light off in the blink of an eye, no traces left, gone. Poof.

Next day I had a strange, realistic dream (occurrence?) during a midday nap. I felt the need to wake and check on my kids but when I tried to sit up and roll over I felt drugged, no strength, couldn't hardly move or open my eyes. I managed a weird flop and roll over, tried to say my daughters name but it sounded sluggish to my own ears. I managed to open my eyes just enough to be blinded by a very direct bright pin point of a light. I asked my husband later that day if he had come home from work on lunch and for some weird reason shined his phones flashlight in my face or something haha, but he said no definitely not. All I know is I must have immediately gone into a deep sleep and woke what felt like only 5 to 10 minutes later but I can not be sure. Everything seemed fine in the house when I did get up, my daughter was asleep on the couch and my son was in his room on the xbox.

I went outside to my porch to just take a minute and reflect, thats when I noticed a wicked bad bruise on my left calf muscle with no explanation as to when or how I acquired it. A day or two later a solid white perfect circle appeared in the bruise, next day another perfect circle appeared right next to the first one; Both in the middle of the bruise. That's also when I noticed there were solid pea sized hard lumps. One under each white circle in the middle of this purple, blue, green, yellow bruise. A few days later the circles became outlined in perfect red lines that almost resemble spider veins but much softer, smaller and lighter and in an almost honeycomb shape. The bruises and red lines are gone now, but the hard mass is still very much there. Also it stopped feeling like two individual pea sized knots and started feeling more like the size and shape of just one Tylenol pill.

To sum it up: Softball/basketball sized orb, dull reddish orange glowing orb, flew around a tree top and past me on my 3rd story apartment porch. When my presence was made known by me attempting to alert my husband of the orb, it blinked out of sight.

Next day I had a very strange nap that I felt I couldn't wake up from and when I tried I can barley recall a bright pinpointed light shine in my eyes while I was in bed in my room and I fell back to sleep.

Later same day, I found a big bruise on my inner left calf muscle that was shaped like a dogs paw print. One big bruise with 3 medium to small bruises just above the big bruise. Bruise was wicked, dark purple, blue, green, yellows and next day a small white perfect circle appeared, than another of the same size right next to it, then I felt the hard object under the bruise. Bruise is now completely gone but the hard mass is still there.