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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/10/2015 07:45 (Entered as : 12/10/15 7:45)
Reported: 12/19/2015 10:42:55 PM 22:42
Posted: 12/21/2015
Location: Parker, AZ
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 10 minutes
three stationary golden sun reflecting objects, the closest appeared to be a long, narrow rectangle, observed for 10 minues

I was driving at sunrise south on Highway 95 and had passed through Parker, Az. and was about 10 miles out of town southbound when I noticed 3 bright golden lights stationary to the east. I can only guess that they were probably 15 miles away and seemingly low, just a couple thousand feet up in the sky. The sun was still below the horizon, but was brightly coming up generally in the eastern direction of these objects and the golden color was as if the objects were metalic and reflecting the sunrise light, being vivid and bright. Right away it struck me that this looked odd. There were high thin obvious clouds to the east that stretched quite aways north to south, but they weren't thick enough to obscure some very distant jet traffic that could be seen a few times that would be consistent with jets leaving from the Phoenix airport. Those jets were very far off, barely discernible other than their contrail, but you could note they were going up from groun! d level and angling up to the north at typical angles and speeds for commercial jets to take off on. I didn't figure that the commercial jets were anywhere near these three objects, but much further away, and likely would not have seen them.

While the far off jet traffic was playing out in the background, it emphasized the stationary manner and proximity of the three low and bright golden objects. The object that appeared to be closest to me, but not far from the other two objects that were slightly above and behind from my vantage point, appeared to be a long, thin rectangle of golden light with the long flat side being parallel to the ground as if level to it. The rectangle wasn't very tall relative to it's length and would be like this symbol --- proportionally. The other two objects were in a somewhat tight grouping with the rectagle, but were further away and I could not see any shape in that they were just bright golden circles, difficult to focus on for any detail.

I was on vacation and carrying a camera in my car and knew that I should get a photo of these. There wasn't a very good place to pull over at first, but I knew there was gonna be a stop in a mile or so where State Highway 72 meets Highway 95 and I intended to stop there and do a photograph, but I was also anticipating that when I got on Hwy 72 I would be heading directly towards these objects and that if they remained in place for another 10 minutes of driving time I'd probably be getting pretty close under them for a closer view.

When I came around the bend of the road where the highways meet and I'd intended to take a photograph, I was surprised to see an Az. State Trooper pulled across my lane, blocking it with a few orange cones out at the Highway 72 intersection. It could have been because of an accident down the road, and in retrospect I probably should have asked him, but as I drove up to ask him if indeed that road was closed he was seemingly perturbed because I had driven up to his vehicle and not just turning down the alternative highway. (95 toward Quartzsite). I didn't ask him about the lights that I'm sure he could have seen from his vantage point. I had to do a kinda funny maneuver then to get on to 95 southbound then and hoped he wouldn't give me a ticket, but he probably couldn't leave his post. As soon as I was on that other road a ridge started rising up and within a minute cut off my view of those objects so I never got a photo. Had I been able to get on that Hwy 72 the next town in about 10 miles is called Bouse, and I think that those objects were just a bit north of the highway and not far from Bouse. I observed these stationary objects for about 10 minutes and I never saw any movement. I looked at your site to see if there were any other collaborative report and see that someone saw something moving on the ground in the same general area at about the same time, so I decided to also report what I saw.