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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/14/2015 19:30 (Entered as : 10/14/15 19:30)
Reported: 10/18/2015 12:29:42 AM 00:29
Posted: 10/29/2015
Location: Eagle, ID
Shape: Oval
Duration: 1 minute
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object emitted beams, The object made a sound
Close Encounter of the First kind; two green lights; Strange noise emitted as UFO departed.

Close Encounter of the First Kind with UFO.

Location: Eagle, Idaho Date/Time of Encounter: October 14, 2015, at approximately 19:30 MDT.

Weather: Clear Sunset: 19:02 MDT TIMELINE OF EVENTS: 19:30 MDT - 20:52 MDT - While at work, I received the following text messages from my wife: Wife: Hello!!! We saw UFO. Now I am scared.

Me: what!!!! Are you okay?!?!? Wife: It’s true. My and my mom saw UFO. He was looking on us (two eyeballs icon).

Me: what?? Wife: I am ok!! We are at home.

Me: what was it?!? what was it??!?1? what???!? Wife: I don’t know. I will tell you when you call me. We are all ok. Don’t worry. We just saw UFO in a sky.

21:51 MDT - I called my wife and she explained to me what had happened (see narration).

00:20 MDT - I called the Eagle Police Department to report the UFO incident. They called me back and gave me the contact information for the National UFO Reporting Hotline 1 (206) 938-2260 (sic. 722-3000), which is located in Seattle, Washington.

00:33 MDT - I called the National UFO Reporting Hotline and spoke with Peter Davenport.

NARRATION OF SIGHTING: At approximately 19:30 MDT on October 14, 2015 my wife and mother-in-law were walking eastbound on W. Brandt Lane returning home from shopping at the Fred Meyer, and as they were approaching the pedestrian walkway that cuts into the Foxtail Estates Development, suddenly they visually sighted a UFO appear approximately 50 meters in front of them at approximately 50 meters above ground level from due East crossing over the top of S. Bergman Way. The UFO stopped in midair approximately 50 meters above and in the vicinity of the house located at 3266 S. Fox Leash Avenue. The UFO was silent and did not make any noise as it approached and then stopped in midair and remained in a stationary position for approximately 45-60 seconds…silent. The UFO appeared dark in color; approximately 12-15 meters wide by 3-4 meters in height. The UFO had a green position light on the left side and a green position light on the right side. There appeared to be a smaller red light approximately in the middle of the UFO. The UFO appeared to have “seen” my wife and mother-in-law, stopped its forward movement, and for approximately 30-45 seconds they had the experience that the UFO was “looking” at or “observing" them. The two green position lights on the UFO suddenly shined down directly at them as if it was trying to light them up. The red light in the middle of the UFO remained on and visible while the two green position lights beamed down on them. My wife described the feeling "like two deer caught in the headlights," frozen in place in fear and thinking that “they were going to get shot by the UFO!!” They did not know what to do, did not know what the UFO was, but it was definitely NOT a helicopter, airplane, or any other machine that either of them had ever seen or heard about before. Then suddenly, the UFO flipped over (it did not turn around or maneuver, it “flipped over...with the bottom on top.”), and simultaneously emitted a strange noise as it departed which sounded like a combination of "a computer-g! enerated Star Wars R2-D2 sound, a rubbing metal-on-metal sound, and screeching cats sound" … flying away suddenly and quickly (in the same direction that it had appeared) in an easterly direction. My wife and mother-in-law were in shock and continued walking back home, scared, continuing to look for the UFO, but did not see it again. A few minutes after arriving home, my wife went out into the backyard, and looked for the UFO again, but did not see it.