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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/20/2015 09:15 (Entered as : 07/20/2015 09:15)
Reported: 7/22/2015 8:08:29 PM 20:08
Posted: 7/23/2015
Location: Edmonton (Canada), AB
Shape: Circle
Duration: 25
Characteristics: The object changed color, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Daylight sighting of multiple objects over Edmonton AB - recorded on two devices by family at park.

On 2015-07-20 at approximately 09:05 hrs my family and I were at Glengarry Park in NE Edmonton, AB. My children were playing on the kids equipment and I was speaking with my wife while keeping a watchful eye on them. The weather was mainly sunny/clear with a few clouds and approximately 20 degrees Celsius.

I happened to look up in the sky, which was very bright from the sun. Something caught my eye and I focused in on what I can only describe as an object which appeared very high in the sky. I watched as the object appeared to be still, bright white, and not moving. I could not make out a shape but it appeared very bright and circular. I quickly pointed and told my wife to look up, which she did. She was able to focus in on the object quite quickly. A moment later, we both noticed the object was not alone. At first we both observed 2 more objects which between the 3, formed a triangle. Then I observed a fourth object to the left of the triangle, and then another to the right. The objects began moving to the NE at varying speeds. At this time, I noticed one of the objects appeared to go from a bright white to a bluish color, and another from white to a hint of orange.

Throughout the event, most of the objects appeared to go in and out of focus. At times we had to look away and then back in order to find them again. One object though (the first one I saw) was always easy to spot. In fact, this was the only object that decreased altitude and came significantly lower than the others (this happened about 5 minutes after first spotted).

My wife and I estimated approximately 7-9 objects were seen during the event which lasted approximately 25 minutes. During the event my wife and I attempted multiple short video recordings on our IPhone devices. At the time, we did not think the camera was picking up the objects as we could not see them on the screen. The glare from the sun and reflection on the screen made it impossible to see anything. We did our best guesses in pointing though and upon review found some clear footage of one of the objects and a faint view of at least two more. She was also able to zoom in on the clearest object but found it would not focus.

At one point during the event, while observing the object and preparing my camera to take another recording, I noticed a passenger jet travelling in the direction of the clearest object. I was able to get a recording of the object and jet in close proximity to each other. It appeared the plane was lower in altitude but it's difficult to say for sure.

Both my wife and I have never seen anything like this before. The objects would change directions in an instant and appeared to go from very fast (faster than the jet) to not moving at all. We also noticed the objects were making various triangle formations as the moved. As well, at no time did we observe a jet stream or anything emitting from the objects. The park where the event occurred is approximately 10 km SW of Canadian Forces Base Edmonton on the north end of the city.

Our backgrounds, I am a retired police officer and my wife is a teacher.

We are very interested in having this video analyzed to find out what we saw on this day.