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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/2015 22:30 (Entered as : 6/15/15 22:30)
Reported: 6/15/2015 9:23:47 PM 21:23
Posted: 6/19/2015
Location: Cary, NC
Shape: Cross
Duration: continuous, I went inside
Elongated star or Cross over Cary, NC. Two just sitting there, one larger than the other and a third appears. Saw this last year

This is actually something I saw around this time last year. That time I got a clear view of it because I had dropped someone at the airport when it was dark outside and that area is very dark and there was no traffic as it was nearing dawn. It reminded me of when you drive and the moon seems to be chasing you. It was very bright and looked like a cross.

As much as I rubbed my eyes and expected it to be like a circle, it never changed. I was not sure if it was some kind of a message or what. This appeared to be the same thing, but farther away from where I was standing. It looked like a star shape but longer at the bottom, or a cross but was farther away. Much more defined shape then when you see a star.

I thought it might be a satellite but it was not moving and there were a couple. One closer or larger and the other smaller but they belonged together, you could tell. I stopped a few people in the parking lot and asked what they thought and they were very serious about it and said my thoughts and that they were just sitting there and what are they.

I drove off and looked over and then there was a third one.

I know this is the same thing I saw last year. My neighborhood is wooded and I lost the view once I returned home.

I did not get any photographs. I will if I see it again.