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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/15/2015 21:50 (Entered as : 05/15/2015 21:50)
Reported: 5/17/2015 11:44:34 AM 11:44
Posted: 5/22/2015
Location: Akron, NY
Shape: Cylinder
Duration: 1 minute
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object landed
longated cyndrical shape bright red lights all around descending from night sky north east of akron ny at 9:30pm duration 1 min.

When the object was high in the sky it looked like a red ball of light. When the object dropped from the sky and came closer to ground i visibly seen an object that was narrow at the top and got wider at the middle and at the objects base. There were bright red lights from top to bottom all around this object. Im not exactly sure how far away this object was from my backyard but i do know it came straight down from the sky and was in the north east. I looked up what wheather balloons look like and what military craft look like and this object was not like any of that. I was in shock when i seen that this thing was some sort of an actual object and not a shooting star or meteor. This is the first time i have ever witnessed something like this in the night sky descending toward earth.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))