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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/11/2015 17:00 (Entered as : May 11, 20)
Reported: 5/20/2015 1:49:56 AM 01:49
Posted: 5/22/2015
Location: San Bernardino/Highland, CA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 5 minutes
May 11, 2015, 5PM Daytime 5 minute sighting of rectangular 180ft long/30ft high metallic ship hovering above San Bernardino/Highland, CA.

Here is what happened on my way home from work May 11, 2015, in the afternoon around 5PM:

Recently, I saw some kind of UFO ship that you might be interested in hearing about. I would never have believed that I would see something quite like this. I was on my way home from work earlier this month May 11, 2015, about 5PM in the afternoon. I spotted a ship in the sky as I was leaving Redlands while traveling West on the 10 Freeway for several miles, until I was too far West to see it anymore. It was North of the 10 Freeway, and it was above the 210 Freeway around the area of North-East San Bernardino and just above Highland California. I thought that it was something from the military. My health is not so good these days, and my only thought was to get home to keep with my schedule. In hindsight, I wish that I would have driven over towards Highland to get a better look at it, to take a picture of it, and to draw it to the attention of other people in that area at the time it was there in the sky. I wish that I had taken pictures to prove what I am saying.

I had trouble staying in my lane with my truck because I was amazed at what I was seeing. I saw it from the side, as I looked North towards the San Bernardino Mountains. Specifically, it was closer to Highland California and was near the San Manuel Indian Casino area. I had a very clear view of the ship under the much higher clouds. I got a very good look at it for about five minutes. It was stationary in the sky, and it did not move an inch the whole time that I watched it. If it was a balloon, you would think that it would at least have moved a little. It just hovered there from my view, about 3/4 as high as the top of the San Bernardino Mountains. I saw no ropes or chains under it to hold it in place.

What I saw hovering in the sky above San Bernardino/Highland California was rectangular in shape. I saw no lights on it, as it was daylight still. It was much longer than it was high. I would describe it as about 180 feet long and around 30 feet high or more. It had square sections to the ship. It had no wings or propellar that I could see, and it emitted nothing. Most of the ship was silver/metallic in color, but it did have some other dark colors too that made it look like it had been manufactured and put together in sections. It looked like something that could have been man made, but it was so big. However, I have never seen anything like it before, and I have no idea how it was staying so still in the sky. The separate sections reminded me of being similar to the ship that crash landed in the beginning of the science fiction movie, "Pitch Black." It was like something from out of a movie.

I thought that it would have been on the news later that night, but I did not see anything on television. The very next time that I drove to work on the 10 Freeway, it was gone from that area of the sky. I have ran a search on the Internet, and it seems that someone else did see it later that evening. Here is the report they issued at this website that I am also about to post on:

This couple saw it from their house in Highland several hours later that evening after my sighting. But that shows that I am not the only one who saw it. You would think that with that many people living in San Bernardino, Highland, and surrounding cities that others would have noticed it too and would have reported it to the newspaper. I only hope this is a ship owned and operated by our United States military. Anyway, I will probably never find out what it was. There is nothing much more to tell, other than what I have written here today.

In addition, I have written the San Bernardino Sun newspaper to find out if there has been any other information that has been reported.

I believe in God. My dad and I have seen meteorites hit the ground out in the desert on our way back from Arizona before, but I have never seen anything like this in all my life.

I never thought things like this were important.

Thanks for your interest.