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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/5/2015 22:45 (Entered as : 05/05/15 22:45)
Reported: 5/12/2015 10:11:41 AM 10:11
Posted: 5/13/2015
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 5 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
2 green lights in front, 2 red in rear late night, moved fast, turned on a dime, went back and forth, straight up an down and silent.

Object had two green lights in front and two red lights in back. one blinking red light bottom center. I first saw it stationary high above the Columbia Tower bldg, but after a few seconds it moved over by the waterfront at a high rate of speed dropped down and rose quickly back up and went behind Safeco Field out of my view. Its movement was not smooth but as if the operator was giving the "gas pedal" short bursts or feathering it to keep it in motion.I had just left the ball field where I work and was sober.

I could hear no noise or sound from object and could not see the object, only the lights that made it seem like a four cornered craft, one light on each corner, green lights always in front. I watched for about five min. flying back and forth staight up and down, no wide turns, dead stop then change directions.

I am 59 and never seen anything move like it.