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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/30/2015 21:00 (Entered as : 03/30/15 21:00)
Reported: 3/31/2015 4:28:09 AM 04:28
Posted: 4/3/2015
Location: Vicksburg (east of Quartsite), AZ
Shape: Circle
Duration: 7 minutes
Characteristics: The object emitted beams
sphere orb light following a huge black object

Im a truck driver and I was heading west on I-10 at about mile marker 58 when I noticed a red light/orb off into the north distance about 3 miles away from the freeway or so. I thought to myself I don't recall any light being out there against the mountain terrain. I kept driving looking over to the red light glow and then noticed a beam of light that shinned from it onto the ground like a spot light and I said it must be a helicopter. Well I continued to observe it and after about 30 seconds it turned off and I could tell it had elevated itself a bit higher from the ground as it was fairly close to the ground. It stayed there for about a minute then I noticed it started to move towards my direction at a high speed and I thought I don't think helicopters move that fast but as it got closer all I could make out was a perfect round red sphere ball, and then what really got my attention was that it was apparently following something big and I could not make it ! out that well but all I can say is that is was big and black and as it crossed the freeway in front of me about maybe half a mile in front and it was flying very low, had no lights, but as it crossed the freeway the front side of it was already across freeway and the back of it was still had not crossed the freeway. It was big, looked square in the back could not make out the front as it zipped by fast and the red orb following it. It had to be at least 200 ft in width by a good 400 ft in length is my guess. Last night didn't have much moon light but as close as this thing crossed in front of me it was big and I did roll down my window to see if I could hear engine noise and I heard nothing. It flew from north to south and the big black object just blended in into the night so well that after it passed across the freeway you could make it out anymore except the red orb flying behind it. I wish I could give you better details. I am not the only one that saw it as there was ! chatter on the CB from other drivers who wondered what it was.! I just cant believe that as close as I was to it I could make out better details about it but at the same time I was driving a big semi truck. Crazy night