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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/11/2015 22:30 (Entered as : 2/11/2015 22:30)
Reported: 2/11/2015 8:39:33 PM 20:39
Posted: 2/12/2015
Location: Old Fort, NC
Shape: Light
Duration: 5 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects
2 low flying red lights flashing in call and response dancing through the sky in Western North Carolina.

I went out on the porch and was looking at the stars which were especially beautiful this night. I saw a red light flashing just behind some trees across the road. I thought it was a tower at first, but then I noticed a second red flashing light.

I walked into the yard to get a better view and saw that they were moving just above the tree line. They moved to my left and they were flashing in a perfect call and response pattern. They moved fluidly and appeared to be separate objects. Their distance was not constant.

They continued around to the left and over the hill until I could not see them. I came inside and searched for similar sightings and found one report that described two lights "dancing in the sky". This description fits what I saw. It was quite beautiful.

I came out 5 minutes later and saw them near the mountains west of here, where they soon were out of sight. I saw an airplane plane fly overhead soon after they disappeared. I do not know if that is related.

One other thing is that while I was watching them when they were within appx. 100 yards from me, I heard a crash in the house, which scared the death out of me. I ran in and my microphone had tipped over and landed on the ground. I don't know if ufos knock over microphones, but if they do, I find that very rude.

I am 33 years old and this is my first sighting. It was very exciting, but I'm also a little shaken because they were so close to the house.