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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/5/2014 20:35 (Entered as : 05/05/14 20:00)
Reported: 5/24/2014 5:03:30 PM 17:03
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Charlotte, NC
Shape: Changing
Duration: 4 hours
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects, This is a possible UFO abduction case, Entities were seen, Missing time was experienced, Marks found on body afterwards
Saw 3 objects in sky and a creature.

UFO sighting, chase and possible abduction. Charlotte N.C., May 5th, 2014.

I am submitting this report because I feel that people should know what my adult daughter (28 years old) and I went through. After over three weeks later we are still upset and still not our usual selves. I guess we are both still in shock and we are not sure what to do about it. Itís hard because we only really have each other to talk to about it and my daughter is still having stomach problems and just wants to forget what we saw. I canít get it out of my mind. I am still scared. I still canít believe that it happened at all. But, I know it did! We know it did.

On May 5th, 2014, around 8:30-8:45 PM, we were driving through Charlotte, NC, on the Southbound side of I- 77. I noticed a really bright light off to the right of us up in the sky.
This huge thing was just floating there in the sky. It was no plane. It was silent. My daughter was driving and I was in the passenger seat. I just kept asking, ďWhat is that?Ē Her reply was that it was a plane because it had blinking lights. It did have blinking lights but they were pretty insignificant compared to the huge bright white string of lights that seemed to be at the front of this thing. The smaller lights looked like they were on top of it. One to each side of the center. The white lights were very large. I couldnít see past the lights to see what shape the object was. We were kind of arguing about what it could or could not be. I grabbed my cell and took some photos. I actually caught two pictures of the lights and I also turned on my cellís video to try and catch it that way. I caught it on video too but it is very small and all you can see is a white light off in the distance. Itís pretty shaky. Iím not sure if I can pull it in to see it better or not.

As we drove through Charlotte on 77 we came to an area where there are street lights right next to the highway. Tall orange/yellow street lights. I could no longer see the object because the street lights were so bright. All of a sudden a huge round ball of solid bright white light came right at the windshield. Out of nowhere! It took up most of the windshield and she drives a four door Toyota Corolla. When it came for the windshield I braced myself for impact. But it didnít hit the car. It just kind of seemed as though it evaporated into it. At that moment my daughter was driving over 70 mph.

As I sat there dazed, I was thinking that one of the street lights mustíve fallen on the car but there was no sound at all and I was having a hard time trying to grasp what had just happened. I hadnít said a word to my daughter about the light when she asked me, ďWhat was that light?Ē I was like, ďYou saw that too?Ē Then I told her ďI donít know what that was!Ē That scared us pretty badly. Her stomach started to hurt really bad and she was nauseous and my stomach was hurting too. It seemed to just take all of my daughterís energy away. She started feeling really bad. Not only did this light scare the crap out of us but it ďSTUNNEDĒ us. We were actually dazed by it. We donít know where the ball of light came from, but we didnít see it again. We both remember actually feeling it on the skin of our faces and upper arms.

I remember that I looked in the side mirror a few moments later and nothing was there. A little while later a huge helicopter flew right over and in front of our car. It was so close that we could see the two greenish/blue light domes stuck underneath it and a tiny little blue light on top of it, under the blades. It was a huge helicopter and it was very loud. Because of the blue light I thought it must be police or military. All in all we saw the chopper three times or three different choppers. They were circling the area where we were. So, we couldnít have been the only ones who witnessed the object. Not sure if anyone saw the round light that came after us. I did notice that the helicopters didnít actually seem to approach the white lights that were still in the sky. They just circled around the interstate. The last time I saw one of these helicopters was when we were leaving the Charlotte area.

Once we cleared the street lights we could still see the lights in the sky were still there. Then the road turned so that the object ended up behind us. I was determined to get some pictures of it so we took the next exit so that we could see it from on top of the over pass. Well, the next exit didnít go up to an overpass. It angled down. We ended up surrounded by trees and buildings. So, we couldnít see it anymore. We were going to go to the next exit to see if it had an actual overpass where we would be able to see it again and thatís when my husband called. It was 9:08 PM. I frantically told him all about the lights in the sky and the ball of light that came at us and about the helicopter. I wasnít paying any attention to my daughter who was still driving until she said, ďMom, I donít feel good!Ē Thatís when I noticed she was driving about 85 mph and she told me that she couldnít stay awake. I told her to slow down. I got off of the phone. She told me that she had been nodding off and that she couldnít drive anymore. We had eaten in Huntersville and we left at dusk. Iíd say a little after 8:00 PM, she was full of energy. Our trip to where she lives was only 3 Ĺ hours away from Huntersville and she was fine. She was fine until the white ball of light came at us.

I told her to pull off of the interstate so that she could rest and that I would drive the rest of the way. The exit we took had a Dennyís so we went in there. This Dennyís is located in Rock Hill, S.C. As soon as we walked in, we realized it was freezing. So, we reluctantly walked back outside to the car and opened the trunk to get our jackets. Everything in the trunk was hot. Even the metal of my cameraís tripod was hot to the touch. Our jackets were toasty as though we had just pulled them out of the drier. That was when we started to worry about radiation. Worried about where that ball of light mightíve come from. Everything being so hot really shook us up all over again. (We donít know where to go to have something like that checked out. Who do you call to see if your car or you have been exposed to radiation? If anyone out there knows; please get the information to me.) When we went back inside we sat down and ordered coffee. We sat there trying to rationalize what had happened. She was still nauseous so she decided to get something to eat hoping she would feel better. I didnít eat. My stomach felt bad and I had no appetite at all. Strange thing is that the clock on her cell and the register receipt didnít match. The receipt said we left there at 10:05 and my daughter had gotten a call from her husband while we were at the table and the time read 10:46. That would mean that by her cell we left there after 11:00 PM. I know we werenít sitting there for that long. I called the Dennyís last week and spoke to a manager to see of the registerís time was off. But, it was accurate. I canít explain the difference.

I wish I could say that our experience ended there. But, it didnít. We got into the car and I drove back to I-77. After I had been driving a little while, I spotted the lights again. We couldnít believe it! They were over to the right of the interstate, just like before. (When we had left the restaurant I made sure that we got my video camera and Cannon camera out of the trunk.) So, I told my daughter to grab it to film the object, so she did. I couldnít help her with it because I was driving. As she opened the view finder she tried to focus on the object when it seemed to come straight towards our car! She just said ď It can see us, itís looking at us!Ē She said the white lights went out and now there was a line of red lights under it. Then it flew over the car. It went from the front passenger side to the rear driver side and then across the street. By this time it was moving very slowly and low. The whole thing turned slowly like it was facing our car while staying in the! same spot. She is so scared and at this time I canít see it. She can, because she is looking over the seat through the window behind me. I pull the car off to the right side of the slow lane. Strangely there is no traffic except for us. Now, I can see it! As we watch this thing together; it started changing shape. I ask you, how does something just change shape? The fact that it was in the air is what scared me! We could see what looked like metal beams drop down from I guess inside of this thing and it looked like they were interlocking. The beams looked like 2 x4s but seemed to be made of metal. It was changing shape right in front of us. We could clearly see it because it was right there and the red lights illuminated it. Itís outer shape was starting to look like some sort of a triangle. Thatís when I put the car back into drive, hit the gas and took off.

I need to say this now; my daughter doesnít own and has never used a video camera. (Except for one time when I was recording something and handed it over to her to use.)She thought that just because the view finder lights up and the screen is showing what you are pointing at that what you see is being recorded. She never hit the little red button. Later when we realized this we were crushed. I do not blame my daughter.

Now, here is where I made the worst decision of my life. At this time we are in South Carolina and are between Rock Hills and Columbia. As before, I wanted to see more of the object so since it was behind us I started to look for an overpass again so that we could sit up high and maybe my daughter could get some more footage of this thing. When I took the overpass to the right, stopped at the stop sign then headed left onto the bridge/over pass as we looked at the trees in front of us there was a large glowing hovering bright creamy white object that was about 50 feet wide if not more. I donít know if it was the same object we had just seen but if it was it had changed color and shape again and was chasing us and waiting for us. As soon as I saw it I slammed on the brakes. I remember hearing the sand and gravel crunch under the tires as I skidded to a stop. I had driven all the way across the bridge and was sitting in the middle of the road on painted lines that showed that ! the lanes were separate. We were in shock. It was at tree level and we could see the outline of the tops of the trees on both sides of the road. I could see that the road we were on went in between those trees and looked like it headed off to the right. There were no lights anywhere on or around this overpass.

We were just sitting there, stunned. Staring at that bright light. When my daughter said, ďYou arenít going near that thing? Are you?Ē I told her no. But, as I realized later; I still wasnít leaving either. I canít explain that. I was terrified but I wasnít leaving. I donít know how long we sat there. I think it was just a few minutes. Then we were hit with headlights from the right side of us. Someone had taken the exit from North bound side and had pulled up to the stop sign facing right at our car. That snapped me out of it. I took my foot off of the brake and swerved to the right and around to the left to make a u turn in the street and headed for the ramp back to I-77 South.

I am ashamed to say that we did nothing to alert the other car. We have no idea if these people saw it or not. All I know is that the object was still there when I took my u turn. I never looked back.

Once back on the interstate I drove for quite some time when finally I just had to pull off. By this time it was after midnight. I took a well lit exit and saw a Wendyís but it was only open for drive through. All of the gas stations were closed. All the while Iím checking the skies. So, I got back on I-77 and looked for another exit. Thatís when I saw a Shell station sign and took that exit. It was on the left side so we had to go over the overpass. We could tell it was closed as soon as we came over the overpass. All of the parking lot lights were on but it was closed. I was in pain because my bladder was hurting now. I pulled partially into the entrance of the Shell station and then made a u turn. As I completed the u turn we saw a guard rail right in front of us. At the very end of the guard rail as we were swinging around we saw something standing there. I couldnít take my eyes off of it. It was right next to the road. Right next to the door of the car. It seemed to be! bristling. Like it was luminescent in some way, but it was really darkly colored like it was camouflaged. I actually thought it was someone dressed up in that camouflage netting stuff when it moved towards the glass right next to my daughter. She put her hands and arms up over her face and head and tucked her head downwards. That is how close that thing was to her door. I honestly thought it may have been a poacher until I could make out the shape of it. I could see a larger than normal rounded top of a head then it came down to a short little neck area then straight out to both sides to shoulders. (Human shoulders arenít shaped that way.) Then itís arms dropped straight down. The thing that made me realize that it wasnít human was mostly that itís waist was only like 8 inches wide and that it was about maybe 4 feet tall. I could see from the top of itís head to its hip area through her window. I remember thinking ďItís so skinny!Ē Next thing I know we are past it and my daughter is asking me, ďWas that a person?Ē I remember looking back over my right shoulder through the window behind her and still seeing the thing. It was moving and I had never been so terrified in my entire life. My daughter said that she didnít look at it but then moments later she said that it was really thin. I remember asking her how do you know that if you didnít look at it? She still canít answer that question, but is adamant about not looking at it.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with the witness via telephone, and she assures us that the report is sincere. She will have her daughter submit a supplementary report. The mother has offered to send two photos she asserts she took of the object(s). PD))

I somehow find the ramp back to the interstate and just drive. Finally, I spot what looks like a truck stop. I know they are open 24/7. As we take the exit there are semiís parked to the right side of the exit. As I passed them I could see that it was open and now I had a place to use the rest room. Even after seeing that thing I had to use the bathroom so I just had to stop. Once I was finished inside I came back outside to the car. We sat there for a couple of moments trying to absorb what we had just seen. I didnít know what time it was then and just got back on the road. My daughter had to get back home that night because there was no one home to take her three dogs outside to the bathroom. That is the reason we hadnít stopped and gotten a hotel.

While driving I ran into construction three separate times where signs with arrows pointed us over to the slow lane and the speed limit was only 45. After the third road maintenance/construction site I had had it. I told my daughter that I just couldnít take it anymore. I had to pull off and get a hotel. Two exits later we found hotels and stopped for the night. It was 2:00 AM. The hotel was in Orangeburg, SC. We were so shook up that we didnít get to sleep until 5:00 AM. We turned all of the lights on in the room and bathroom. We jumped at every little sound. Even sounds the little refrigerator made. I woke up at 6:00 AM and realized that we had fallen asleep. We were both sitting up leaning on pillows stacked up against the headboards. I finally turned off the room lights when the sun came up enough to light the room.

I just canít get the image of the creepy little thing out of my mind. Even right now, I can still clearly see it in my mind. Every time I get the same feeling of outright fear. We think we were still being followed. Then again, maybe this creature was separate. We donít know. I do guess that the larger lights that we saw were not what we saw change shape. That object was much, much smaller. So was the glowing light we saw at that over pass. We are still afraid. Writing this down has taken me all day long. Itís still very upsetting. We donít understand why it chose us. Was it that we were taking too much interest? Again, that would be totally my fault. At points during all of this she was begging me to get far away from what we were seeing.

All in all it took us four hours to get 1 hour and 43 minutes away. The time it usually takes to drive from Rock Hill to Orangeburg. We got off of the road a couple of times but still feel that we are missing time somewhere.


Dear Mr. Davenport,

Can you tell me where people who have witnessed a UFO go when they want to speak out loud to someone about what they saw? Do people ever get answers to what happened? It took me about 7 hours to physically write down all of what happened that night. It was very hard to have to keep reliving it so that I could write it down. My daughter and I went over it a hundred times while I was still at her house but now it's like pulling teeth to get her to talk about any of it. She feels that we never should have been there. Never should have seen what we saw and that we shouldn't tell anyone. She doesn't understand why I feel the need to let people know what happened to us. What we witnessed I think it's important! All of it!

I want to know what that ball of light was! Did it leave radiation in/on her car? What happened to my left ear? Why is there a "New" bump behind my right ear and why does my daughter have one in the same area? Why were my triglycerides through the roof when my blood was tested 7 days after May 5th? They were so high that my doctor called me at home to give me the results. I remember that I was asked by the tech' when my blood was drawn if I was on any blood thinners when he drew my blood. I am not!

I am still very scared at night. If I have to go outside for something alone at night now, It takes everything I have not to fly into a panic and run when I see any lights moving in the sky. What if it knows where I am or worse, where my daughter is?

Please, accept my apology for being so rude in my reply to your email before. I have not been myself lately.