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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/13/2014 23:00 (Entered as : 04/13/2014 23:00)
Reported: 5/23/2014 7:47:11 PM 19:47
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Salinas, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration: 1 hour
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted other objects, The object emitted beams, The object changed color
flying objects about everynight, vortexs in my home, beings coming out of them

The flying spaceships are in my neighborhood just about every night, I attached some videos so you can see for yourself and also what I have experienced in a personal level. My son began to tell me about flying objects that were either a triangle hovering around the home that made no sound since November while walking the dog. I kept telling my son that he must it be confusing them for helicopters but he kept insisting they did not look like helicopters at all till April when I decided to walk the dog at night with my son that I discovered he was actually telling the truth and these flying objects did not look like helicopters or air planes. For one they make no sound, they are able to hover on top of the homes at a very very close range, they seemed to come out of a bigger a mean a much bigger space ships, the shapes of their lights change and they take off with such speed that it is almost impossible to see them take off till you go back and review the ! video and realized they took off so fast you were not able to see it.

I also will like to share an experience, I sort of put it together in a video that I am also attaching.

I am able to see vortex, I am able to see the energy they generate, when they open up, the beings that come out of the vortex which then turn into these sort of rotating flowers. I can also see the interconnection in the sky, they are like big flowers that interconnect and sort of like watching people and/or helping healing or I just do not know why there is these interconnections. I have several videos of how the vortex open up, then it is like these flying beings that then turn into rotating flowers and begin to assist people in healing, all while the person is feeling the pulling things out of their bodies, or their bodies begin to shake, feel hot rod entering their bodies all while I am able to see with my own eyes what is it that they are pulling.

I see DNA and atoms around me and others, the DNA strands are usually at the end of the snakes that I see, they carry them at the end of their tail, some of the snakes are huge, I mean gigantic. I can see the infinite space and the tunnels where these beings jump into sort of machines and enter the tunnels and then the tunnel closes. I am able to see when someone is ill, when they have attachments, when they are full of light, I can see the energy field when emerges and the material no longer is solid as we know it.

I had a vision after one day experiencing so much pressure on my head that I was sore for about 2 weeks the first time I attempted to meditate, I was told “You are awaken” In the vision, I want to believe it was God as I am a Cristian believer, came down from a tunnel or vortex and handed me a white electric ball, the ball hanged on my hands, it retracted and expanded and stayed on my hands without me touching it. I was told that I would be able to fight dark matter with it. After that, I realized my hands contained such energy that I can invade other’s energy field and pull what is been affecting them, it could be illness, faces of beings attached to them. At times the vortex opens up and the beings come out and begin to pull the things out of the person while I am watching everything they are doing, the person can not see it but they always feel it in their bodies for I would think it was all a part of an illusion on my part.

It is dark matter, when someone is ill, it is dark matter and the flying beings that turn into beautiful pink rotating flowers that surround the person begin to pull the matter. I am able to also pull the dark matter with my own hands without ever touching the person or by just praying/meditating next to the person that is ill. I am able to see attachments on people some of them have a silvery color, others are black with really ugly faces; However, I am also able to see people who are full of light and are surrounded by beautiful flowers, the colors are either pure white light, crystalline pink and sometimes light blue. I am able to see the shape and faces of such attachments, the color of people auras and their flowers. I am able to see when the vortex opens and the beings descend, then turn into these beautiful rotating flowers that then surround the person and begin to assist the person in pulling the dark matter.

I see sort of machines taking off and despairing into the abyss, while I have my eyes close, I can see everything that is happening, when these things are stubborn and refusing to leave and detach, which it is far more easy to bring them but really hard to get rid of them. I can direct the things that have infested the person to leave but is not that they are leaving this earth, I can see the infinite space full of stars, galaxies, then they enter these tunnels and the tunnel then closes. Sometimes these beings, as crazy as it might sound, I can see them jumping into these sort of things that look more like a machine space craft, or I am guessing they get tired and come and carry their stuff with them and take off.

The last experience I had was three weeks ago while I was taking a nap, I was woken up to hands on my back, I immediately felt I was sort of open on my back, then something from the middle was pull and as soon it was pull, it went into a tunnel. Even thought I was sleeping on my stomach I was able to see the what they pull out of my body. Then I felt hands pushing my back together, that is when I truly freaked out and jolted back. There is an open vortex in my room, it is there all the time. The beings come out specially if someone is in my room. A friend visited me and began to read a bible passage and as soon as he began to read the scriptures, the beings came out, turned into these beautiful flowers and stood right next to him sort of hearing or seeing what he was doing. I asked him if he could see them, he said no but he could sense them.