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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/5/2013 18:00 (Entered as : 12/05/14 18:00)
Reported: 5/14/2014 12:09:01 AM 00:09
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Porum, OK
Shape: Other
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: The object landed, The object made a sound, Entities were seen, Animals reacted to the event
odd helicopter sighted, landed, and strange phone call, too

We heard voices telling us a helicopter would fly by low and land down the street and it did. Probably right down the street at about the only location we realy know about there. someone used to spook us when we walked by that house as a kid. The aliens seem to remind us recently of things that we had thought of and forgot. They help you to remember the scary things so you can forget them because when we originally thought of them we forgot without thinking of it and becoming unscared of it. It was something scary and they helped us remember it so we wouldn't be scared no more so we can put it out of our minds.

So, the helicopter flew real real low by the house someone told us on the phone day before yesterday. It had happened the day before and they had just got a real real weird phone call about 15 minutes before we called. It had real real weird static on the line they said and they hung up. It wasn't usual and hadn't happened ever before. Don't know what color the helicopter was or much on how the call sounded. They said the helicopter flew real real low and the call was real real weird though. They said it was an airlift because of a car crash. They said it landed down the street first - flew weird though. The car crash idea was probably just something they thought of to make sense of it. It surely wasn't one and at first they just said that it was a real weird helicopter flying strange and landed. They didn't mention a car crash. Didn't mention the main road. They mentioned a weird flying helicopter is what it was. And nothing of any cars or anything like that- just that it ! had landed. So the other story of the car wreck and air-lift was not realy what it was.

We thought of a helicopter that flew by here low recently and voices said they'd make one fly low there, too. They said it'd be the Hells Angles outlaw motorcycle gang- just like flew by here many times very low outside our window. That is how they do death threats- they are a mafia organization. So, then the voices said aliens fly by and land down street in helicopter and you just think of an air lift due to a car crash would be why they'd land like that. Helicopters landed down the street here before, too. But the voices said landing there and aliens or mafia and that they knew a car wreck would happen or they would cause it to happen. Realy, it may have been aliens or else the hell's angel's mafia organization maybe - perhaps possessed by aliens and landed there. Don't know what it looked like or what the occupant's looked like. It landed so that is unusual. The call was weird- at same time the mafia calls there daily which would be when we woke up the day before. They ca! ll and tell lies on the phone because that is mafia activity. They lie on the phone and tell them the same things we said the day before at the same time we said them the day before. It is meant to make them trust them- sound familiar to the person so they trust a stranger. The hell's angel's do lot's of murders for money and that is what that is. They work with other mafia organizations, too such as Georgia mafias which is what some of them are out there. So, the aliens called the next day, too and did weird noises on the phone. Static maybe copying that song by the band who did 'love shack' because we thought of that song other day, too. Maybe aliens put the song in our mind. B-52's is the band name. Channel Z song- maybe we used to think the song was ufo's or something related to it like ufo's contating you telepatically. The aliens may have reminded us of that idea that we'd never have remembered otherwise. don't know if we ever thought that realy. Or we used to think t! v's were weird or something- like the film Poltergeist. The vo! ices may be were helping us forget soemthign that scared us though by reminding us that we thought of it and forgot it before we calmed down over it. So we could remember it and forget it. So they landed and just basically also annoying us with voices and scaring us. It was a helicopter, but it maybe was aliens and it landed- don't know if it was black. Rape is associated with a ufo landing spot where an alien was sighted in the vicinity. It landed and one was sighted apparently at least. If it was the mafia or not we don't know, but that itself is ufo related because it's alien related because aliens have something to do with a gang that kills thousands of innocent people every year - mostly in the southern us. They work with other mafia organizations, too though a whole lot- we know because we have seen them. And they are international, too a-lot we know because we have seen that, too. We'll have to ask about the color of the helicopter and what the occupant/s looked like.

They abdolutely did not at first say it was a car crash and air-lift via helicopter. They said it flew by real real low! It had landed down the street! And all you could figure out is why they'd do that would be an air-lift to the hospital from a car crash maybe on the main road. Why else would it be there? Is it legal to land personal helicopters wherever you want like that? In a residential neighborhood and flying that low- they said it was terribly low. We've seen low planes before because we have seen ufo's before and aliens flying low. This was even lower apparently.

Real real weird static on the phone the next day and they hung up the phone they said. So it's not normal and it does not even sound like a prank call. I have got calls from ET's before and here we have stopped answering the phone. The alien/s called maybe just to freak us out seems like and they may have been ordered to phone us up from time to time like it's their job by a top alien. We heard a voice saying they'd be a weird call and there was- with static real weird on it- and it was. The day before we had tried to call out there and they were on the phone to the mafia. The mafia calls and lies and tells them things we said day before at the same time they call there the next day. It's to gain trust and they had called and were on the phone lieing to them out there to make them think they have something in common with them- to sound familiar so they will put their guard down and trust them when they shouldn't. So calling people like that would cause ET's to get there beca! use the mafia is doing very violent type of thing by doing that. ET's being evil have something to do with it. So there's the mafia and also we don't usually call out there and we recalled that. Aliens maybe wanted to remind us of that and how bad it was coz they hate us out there of course. We had to call though because there was important business needed done and you can't do it in 2 minutes once a week here in town realy. We had to do things about buying groceries, clothes and everything and we had to call. They maybe wanted to remind us - did we get mad and freak out and say we weren't calling and to remind us to calm down over whatever we maybe thought on that whole thing if we heard voices on it or whatever.

I heard about it via the voices 1st, they saw it and surely many others saw it there in the town. Aliens could fly a helicopter and even abduct people or animals onto them and make people think it was an air-lift.