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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/8/2014 20:00 (Entered as : 04/08/2014 20:00)
Reported: 5/4/2014 2:14:41 PM 14:14
Posted: 5/8/2014
Location: Fillmore, CA
Shape: Oval
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object left a trail, There was an aura or haze around the object
Red/Orange pulsating spheres flying circular patterns for 5mins continuous.

At 9:23 PM, Price street, Fillmore, Ca., 2 Oval objects, bright red in color, were spotted hovering and darting around above a residential housing tract. At first hovered, then starting making very quick circular movements crossing each other back and forth. That lasted approx 5 mins. One flew east leaving a white trail. The other remained making circular motions then flew west and it kept going until it was no longer visible.

Strangely enough, this neighborhood has many barking dogs, as well as small farm animals in this rural town yet not a single animal was alarmed or distracted? No barking from dogs?