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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/26/2011 05:15 (Entered as : 11/26/2011 5:15)
Reported: 3/7/2014 8:30:21 PM 20:30
Posted: 3/18/2014
Location: Lyndonville, NY
Shape: Circle
Duration: 4 minutes
A white filled circle, half the size of a full moon, appeared over Lake Ontario, north of Lyndonville, NY. I reappeared 5 more times.

On Saturday, November 26, 2011. Awaking around 4:45 am, I decided to go outside and check out anything that might be happening in the sky. I was looking directly north over the shoreline of Lake Ontario, on the New York state side, approximately 30 miles west of Rochester, NY. A white filled circle appeared directly north, 45 degree angle from the water surface, through a very light cover of clouds over the lake.

Quite large in size, half the size of the full moon, it was displayed for 4 seconds or so, it didn't move in the sky, no noise, and no flashing lights, then the circle disappeared.

It reappeared to the right (east) again, the distance of two times its diameter, same size, same distance from the water, then went out. This occurred 2 more times and there was nothing. I decided to flash my high powered light, no response.

I continued to look to the north only to have this happen again, farther to the east, approx. half mile around 5 minutes later (5:20 am). Only one display of this white filled circle. The position over the water was the same.

I continued to watch until it happen again, 5:30 am, back where it was originally started. Again same size, same display time and position over the water, no noise or flashing lights but only one display and no more.

I continued watching for another hour or so until the sun started to show itself.