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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/26/2014 21:00 (Entered as : 01/26/14 21:00)
Reported: 1/26/2014 7:42:28 PM 19:42
Posted: 1/30/2014
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Shape: Disk
Duration: 6 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Bright disc spotted over east Jacksonville near 295, with aircrafts following.

Was outside taking out the trash and saw a strange light in the sky. I had my phone on me so I called my wife who was in the house and told her to get outside. She was standing by the garage and I was walking back towards the house (about 90 feet). My neighbor was also outside. It appeared to be moving towards the ground, vertically towards the area where we live, then prior to it disappearing it moved back towards the sky. It was bright and disk shaped, no sounds were present. It stayed in one place for a few seconds and then would move erratically in a chaotic pattern, but with no recognizable signature to identify it by any means. It was not an aircraft, because immediately as this was happening we heard two jets (aircraft of jet-like origin) moving towards the object. We tried to video tape this with the camera phone but it was too dark, and would not be sufficient for what we saw. After we heard the jets coming towards the area of the object, it shot ac! ross the sky and disappeared. The jets continued to make loud noise, but soon after were gone as well.