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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/21/2013 16:46 (Entered as : 12-21-13 16:46)
Reported: 12/21/2013 3:37:43 PM 15:37
Posted: 12/23/2013
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Disk
Duration: 20 seconds
Saucer Craft moving above highway.

I was driving home from picking up a meal for the family. I was driving on IH 37 South just prior to reaching Loop 410.

I noticed an object moving from right to left very slowly. the object was saucer shape with a dome on the center. The color of the sides was a pale yellow and the dome was a lighter color.

The object moved slowly and seemed parallel then tilted to the left approximately 60 degrees and continued slowly. I kept sight of the object and it disappeared for approximately two seconds and reappeared further south approximately 500 ft away and it also dropped elevation approximately 300 ft.

The object continued slowly at a parallel motion for three seconds then disappeared again and I could not locate.

I stopped on side of road to locate for approximately 1 minute then proceeded home after I could not locate the object.