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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/1/2013 00:00 (Entered as : 01/01/2013 0:00)
Reported: 11/27/2013 1:32:58 AM 01:32
Posted: 12/2/2013
Location: Irvine, CA
They are here.

From www... "There is a friend of mine that started two companies ((deleted)) and ((deleted)), Corp. I believe they are based in CA. I personally saw them working on a similar phone and other devices. They were actually at the stage of testing them in his garage over a year ago! The device they played with looked thiner and there where no pins or screws also the materials they used looked something like from SPACE - light as plastic but had the look and feel of metal - when put together was similar to......... Interestingly I couldn't see any openings on the components (like for mic or speakers) As far as I know they came up with some sort of new radical approach that enabled them to do all kind of stuff. However, they are extremely secretive company and till recently wouldn't even update their website The name of the actual inventor that made it possible is ((name deleted)) - He was a former electrician and mechanic. .... ....him he was playing at his office in Irvine with this crazy vintage 1930's phone they modified for a joke. It acted as HD sound system (super powerful -The sound quality was comparable to good size stereo -however I couldn't see any speakers ) it also worked as a regular phone dialing etc, It was cordless and could connect to any phone or PC. He told me that it lasted 150+ hours playing/talking? I hope whoever reads this has a chance to meet him and with bit of luck see some of the stuff they came up with -he is....."Date: 2013 Location: Orange County , Summary: They started to update their site - "new technology that allowed them to do all sorts of stuff." "besides producing medical inventions, also has divisions for automotive, home, electronics, apparel and software inventions." Note "CORPORATE OFFICES: ((deleted)) IRVINE, CA 92612 LABORATORY: UNDISCLOSED LOCATION " ?! "((name deleted)) is a ((name deleted)) student/inventor who has distinguished himself by his abilities in electronics, mechanics, and repair of medical instruments. ((name deleted)) moved to the USA at ((deleted)), unable to speak English and without living family. Only ten years later, ((name deleted)) is an American citizen, has gained a degree in biology, is in ((deleted--graduate))school, has submitted several articles to professional peer-reviewed journals, acted as a consultant to a biomedical device company, has been approached by another company wanting to develop and use one of his inventions, and has taught biomechanical and surgical techniques to physicians and professors.

At the beginning of his third year in ((deleted)) school, ((name deleted)) started a company to develop and market his first major medical invention, but when the stream of inventions continued to flow, it became necessary to start Inovatzia, Inc. which, besides producing medical inventions, also has divisions for automotive, home, electronics, apparel and software inventions." ((deleted)). is a company centered around the inventions of ((name deleted)) a (graduate) student, political asylee, and American citizen. Inspired by Nikola Tesla, Stan has created a world where control of medical equipment, household appliances, automobiles, and even footwear is accessible and customizable 'I saw them playing with a working prototype over a year ago – not exactly as the one described in the Video.

They had developed new technology that allowed them to do all sorts of stuff.

The name of the inventor is ((name deleted)), and his companies are ((names deleted))

They are very secretive company and until recently wouldn’t update their web sites.

However if you doubt it – give them a call pretending you are looking for a Job as software or hardware engineer." login

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))