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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/14/2013 18:09 (Entered as : 11/14/13 18:09)
Reported: 11/15/2013 9:36:21 AM 09:36
Posted: 11/20/2013
Location: Marshfield, WI
Shape: Circle
Duration: 1.5 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Marshfield WI - 5 lit orange orbs in night sky which darted about then two darted away and three disappeared

In the evening of November 14, 2013, my son and I were traveling south in the car on highway BR13 at the south end of Marshfield, WI. We were pretty much south and out of city lighting. He was driving. I was in the front passenger seat. It was 6:09pm CST. The sun had set long ago, I believe at 4:31pm CST. Sky was completely dark. I could see a few stars. The wind was fairly calm.

I looked out my side window and saw two large brilliant yellowish-gold orbs with bright white edges in the sky to the southwest at about my two o’clock position. They were almost completely round with an ever so slight elliptical shape. They were side-by-side with space between them equal to about twice each of their size. I thought someone was shining lights up in the sky or something reflecting but there was no illumination path from anywhere on the ground.

Suddenly, an identical third one appeared in line to the south of the first two; again, with space from the first two equal to about two times its size. I thought someone had sent up lit candle balloons but I hadn’t seen anything ascend upwards.

I hadn’t taken my eyes off the first two when the third appeared. These three appeared to hover in line in the sky then move ever so slightly to the north in unison, then back again, and then start to move around independently within what appeared to be yards of each other.

They returned to their original in-line places and suddenly another one appeared to the south of the trio but this one stopped about three spaces away. Then another appeared to the south of the fourth one, stopping one space away.

The lights went out on the fourth and then back on. All were the same color, shape, and size. All five appeared to be lined up parallel to highway BR13.

The first three orbs started darting around changing places and returned to their original line-up within a matter of maybe four seconds while the other two also darted around and returned to their places.

Suddenly the first three lit orbs moved quickly, what appeared to be a few yards, to the northwest; I could see the first one then change direction and quickly arch up then down and dart off fast to the west and disappear as the lights went out on the second and third.

During this time, the fourth and fifth lit orbs suddenly moved, what appeared to be a few yards, to the south then the f! ifth quickly arched up then down and continued on, darting off! fast to the south while the lights went out on the fourth one. With that, they were gone.

When I first saw the first three orbs I commented on it to my son. He was able to see the fourth and fifth through the front window.

From start to finish, this all occurred within about 1.5 minutes. Because it was dark, it is difficult to estimate the size of the orbs and their exact location above the ground. I believe they had been hovering approximately over County Rd BB between S. Lincoln Ave and highway BR13.

We drove perhaps another mile and turned around, driving back to the area as I wanted to double check if there was anything at all in the area that could have reflected some type of golden colored moving lights. I saw none. I also checked the small local airport to the north of this area finding it was quiet and not all lit up.

We continued south then turning east at a nearby intersection. At this point we were about 1/2 mile from where we had seen the orbs. It’s about nine minutes later. Using the cell phone, I called my husband to let him know what had just happened. The phone was silent as usual for its connection moment and then there was no ringing sound. I have been using cell phones since 1994. Instead of a ringing, what I heard was something I had never heard before on a cell phone or anywhere else for that matter. There were all sorts of treble clef blubb and blibb sounds going up, down, and swirling around at the same time.

That’s the best I can describe it although I can audibly reproduce it fairly well. The sound did not stop. I said “hello” twice just to be safe. My son looked at me; I handed him the phone and he heard it, also saying “hello”. The sound continued. He disconnected the phone. He had also never heard these sounds before.

I waited about 20 seconds and called! my husband again. The call went through to him.

Our family if familiar with star gazing, observing satellites, etc. We've seen unusual things before at home or when driving but nothing involving several orbs at once.