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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1994 21:30 (Entered as : 06/1994 21:30)
Reported: 10/31/2013 1:15:05 AM 01:15
Posted: 11/11/2013
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 8 minutes
Black triangle seen in 1994 over Las Vegas. 911 called.

I am reporting this today because of all the attention UFO's have been getting lately. I had always thought that my story would be irrelevant because it was only a sighting, but after watching a UFO show on the Travel Channel, I'd report my experience just to have it on record.

It was around June of 1994 and i was living in Las Vegas in an apartment complex on Desert Inn and Pecos. I was living with my girlfriend named Dana Scavone at the time and was a dice dealer.

I got off from work at 8pm and went to the apartment. It's been a long time so the exact time of the occurance escapes me, but i want to say around 9:30 pm or somewhere in that time frame. I smoked outside, and we lived on the second floor of our apartment complex, and stepped outside of the apartment door onto the balcony, lit a cigarette, and as i was smoking the cigarette i happened to look up...and that's when i saw a HUGE, black, perfectly triangled craft slowly moving across the sky making no noise whatsoever. The craft couldn't have been more than 1000 ft. up, moving from the northwest towards the southeast. This craft was black, had no bright lights, but did have some kind of circular metallic object in the bottom side middle of the craft.

I looked in awe for a few moments and then yelled for my girlfriend Dana to come out and look at what i was seeing. Dana came outside and looked up and said, "Oh my God, what is that?". I replied, "I think it's a UFO". I then ran into the apartment, grabbed the telephone and dialed 911. The operator answered and i proceeded to tell her exactly what i was looking at. I said to the 911 operator, "I am looking at a huge black triangle in the sky right now as we speak, and it's flying right over my apartment"; or something to that effect. The 911 operator was not mad at me as i had thought they might be for calling in a UFO (Which i didn't even think really existed), but was more interested in the idea that i was really looking at a UFO. I think i asked her if she had heard aything from other callers, and she replied that she had not. Then one of us decided that i should contact McCarran airport or Nellis AFB to see if they might have anything on ra! dar to explain the craft. I remember just saying something like, "Maybe you guys should contact Nellis and see if they have something because i am definitely seeing a huge black triangle fly right over my apartment".

I hung up the phone and watched the craft continue on towards the Southeast as it climbed and eventually disappeared out of sight.

I heard no noise. I am absolutely sure of what i saw. And if you can get the 911 audio, you'll clearly see how startled i was.

This event happened. This was not an airplane. This was a triangle. It moved slowly, without sound, directly over my head.