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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/19/2013 19:39 (Entered as : 09/19/13 07:39)
Reported: 10/3/2013 8:22:08 AM 08:22
Posted: 10/3/2013
Location: Pictou (Canada), NS
Shape: Circle
Duration: 95 seconds
Images on digital photos taken Sept 19th and just noted Oct 1st in sequence and time stamped

These were taken September 19th, 2013 here in Caribou NS Just outside of Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada - on family property I have them in named in the order they were taken and timed stamped by my camera.

These are original and untouched photos. There are others before and after, general scenery shots of the area being taken at the time. We did NOT notice the orb when the pictures were taken. Only after, looking at them October 1st, looking through photos, noticed the image on 7014 and then “discovered” the second on 7016 and pieced the sequence of events together.

When I saw these the other day, like I said looking through some pictures we took, taking a second look at 7014....what IS that.

The moon's coming up and that isn't ....mars? “The thing is way to big.” “My camera lens isn’t that powerful!” – blew it up and noticed the reflection of the moon on the left hand side of this perfectly round ball. What? After a few minutes I check on the remaining photos in sequence, and notice on photo 7016 there it is again, and gone in the next shot 7017 taken a few seconds later. Not right after, as we were not taking pictures of this object (had no idea it was on the photo), we were taking pictures of the pink sky in the case of 7016 and 7017. Again, if it was something floating in the air like a cloud or a balloon etc., shouldn’t it still be there 24 seconds later? Moving!! Picture Titles – with times as stamped by my Canon EOS Rebel XS camera – (in excellent repair) Caribou NS Sept 19th 7:38:58 PM 7011 – with moon Caribou NS Sept 19th 7:39:09 PM 7012 – with moon Caribou NS Sept 19th 7:39:22 PM 7013 – with moon Caribou NS Sept 19th 7:39:33 PM 7014 – with moon – “Orb” – photographer facing East Caribou NS Sept 19th 7:39:51 PM 7015 – moving east to south Caribou NS Sept 19th 7:40:13 PM 7016 – Pink Sky – “Orb” – photographer facing South Caribou NS Sept 19th 7:40:37 PM 7017 – Pink Sky The numbers on the far right (7011 through 7017) are the picture numbers assigned by my camera The camera also records the time of the pictures, dates, speed, and aperture.

Please note - the total time between the first and last picture is 1 minute 35 seconds. Between image 7014 and 7016 is only 40 seconds at that altitude, must equate to quite a distance in 40 seconds.

The distance travelled between picture 7014 (facing East) and 7016 (facing South) is quite large in a time of 40 seconds and results in a complete directional change (photographers vantage) from east to south. We had no chance of “seeing” this when we took pictures of the “beautiful moon” and “pink sky at night”. This thing was moving too fast obviously. Again, we only noticed the (what I now call “the orb”) round “spot” on the first picture 7014 a couple of days ago and started questioning.

Have shared this with some family members here, they seem to agree there is something in the photo. Of course they know me and it was interesting that my nephew said “if it was coming from someone he didn’t know, didn’t recognize the property, knew I wouldn’t have any interest in putting themselves “out there” he would have dismissed these images. I might possibly have said the same thing.

Makes you reflect on the other stories you hear.

The first shot (7011 through 7014) we are looking East.

Picture 7015 moving from east to west.

Pictures 7016 and 7017 are facing south.

So a fairly large piece of sky for something to move so quickly across.

How many miles at that altitude in 30 seconds!? These pictures have good enough resolution to blow them up fairly large (you lose focus after a bit) but the shape is round. No matter how big you blow it up, the edges don't distort. It isn't a cloud or a wisp of smoke. The pink picture, 7016 shows the image quite clearly again.

We had no idea these images were on here. Doesn't appear to be an "airplane" or "swamp gas" to me.

And the distance it moved it that wonder the naked eye doesn't see this stuff.

This isn't a joke...I have the original photos (date and time stamped) unaltered and no skills, software, time nor interest to play games.

Well.....what do you think? Thank you for taking a look and getting back to me with any feedback you feel relates or explains or supports these images as being…….what??? All the Very Best.

Michael PS – towards some “vetting” of myself. I am aware of sightings, not a fanatic, just open minded.

We have had some famous ones here in Nova Scotia. My friends and some family have reported seeing things “in the sky” in the past, they couldn’t figure out. My partner ((woman's name deleted)) and I have recently seen a very bright “star” over the complex of wind turbines locally last week. It was that bright we first spotted it from several miles away. Just sitting right over the wind farm complex. Wasn’t there an hour later when we returned? Then, when I came across these a few days ago….just kind of "wigged me out" and thought I'd ask the opinions of your organization. Actually having something in my hand like this that I KNOW without a doubt is real, has me now totally convinced there is some major stuff going on we’re not being made fully cognizant off. I mean, come on! How can we capture an image like this and the “gov’ment” can’t grab a pic or two and let us know what “they” think. I’m getting some suspicious over here. Especially now.

((NUFORC Note: We believe that the image, which looks transparent to us, probably is a lens flare. PD))