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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/26/2013 09:56 (Entered as : 7/26/13 9:56)
Reported: 7/27/2013 1:24:01 PM 13:24
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Captiva, FL
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 24 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
((NUFORC Note: This is one of nineteen reports, submitted by the same witness, over the course of seven weeks. The reports are well written, and the witness seems sincere, although we would be surprised if all of the sightings are about authentic UFOs, i.e. alien spacecraft. We cannot be certain, however. PD))

Sighting #14 – July 26, 2013 – 6th sighting of Amber-orange to red UFO (“fireball”) + 4th sighting of a “flasher” + 7th sighting of large UGO + a ? I was at my regular skywatch location on the south end of Captiva Island, FL, next to the rock jetty at Blind Pass, when at 9:56 I saw an amber-orange UFO, which turned red. The literature also describes these objects as “fireballs.” I had been at my location for 30 minutes when I saw it, due west of me, about two finger-widths above the horizon. It was a bit more orange than amber, then a minute later it changed to white-orange, and a minute later turned solid red. There were clouds just past the horizon and there was a light wind blowing onshore, making the air misty, so I estimate that it was no more than 5 miles away from me. It took about 4 minutes to travel from due west of me to roughly northwest. It also appeared to be traveling away from me. When it reached northwest of me it faded out of sight, rather than just “blinking” out.

There were several jets, common at this time of the evening, coming in from the northwest toward the Ft. Myers International Airport.

I was looking at an incoming jet through binoculars when at 10:06 I noticed a single white strobe flash about ¾ the spread of my binocular field of sight above the jet. I trained my binocs on the area and caught another single white flash – these were a full second apart. Then the single strobe started flashing quickly, but irregularly, just like the previous “flashers” I’ve described in previous, recent reports to NUFORC. After a few seconds of irregular flashing, it stopped for a good 2 seconds, It then came back on, flashing irregularly, and “jumping” from left to right and up and down. This jerking around was more than the way distant objects “jitter” due to one’s hands shaking with the binocs. Then a single red strobe flashed a few times, with the white flashing only a couple of times. This behavior continued, with mostly just the white strobe flashing, for about 2 minutes, when I lost sight of it due to a creak in my neck. This flasher was to my northwest, in t! he same area where the previous UFO light went out.

I continued to walk north along the beach when a white-amber light, about the size of a grape at arm’s length, came on for a brief moment, not more than 100 yards away from me in the Gulf of Mexico (there was no one else on the beach where I was at). I stopped where I was, a bit frightened because it was so close. When I continued to walk I caught the same light again from the left corner of my eye, and then it went out. Most Interesting, is that a friend and I saw exactly the same kind of light, briefly and at about the same location, just a week prior. We both looked at each other at that time and simultaneously said “Did you see that?” Yes, we both saw it. What could this light be??? Maybe it’s one of those “orbs” so many folks are seeing nowadays.

At 10:15 on the button, I saw precisely the same mysterious glow (Unidentified Glowing Object - “UGO”) on the horizon I saw with four fishermen on June 27, at 10:24 p.m. (Sighting #3 in my previously filed “Summary of 10….”). This glow was to the west northwest of where I now was, across the street from my house. Interestingly, it was in the same area that the UFO disappeared at earlier, and directly below where the flasher was. Because (1) I and my friend “Carol” had seen UFOs directly associated with two UGOs we saw at her house (Sighting # 8), and also saw during that incident an apparently landed UFO with a white strobe light flashing; and (2) because I saw a flasher in association with “fireballs” before (Sighting # 7), I have to conclude that these three objects are truly associated with each other.

The UGO came back on a second time, about a minute later, and in the same fashion as the ones I and Carol have seen before – like they were on a dimmer switch. About a minute later it came on again and it was REALLY BRIGHT, and gave me quite a freight. At its base on the horizon, it was approximately two hand-widths wide, and just over a hand-width tall. The next time it came back on, a minute or so later, it was not as bright; and the fifth and last time it came on, it was just a little dimmer yet.

I quickly walked across the street to get my chair, and watch the horizon and elsewhere for another 40 minutes, but saw nothing.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE???? If anyone is out there is interest in the reports I've been posting for the past month, and can maybe give me some help in understanding what’s going on, please contact me through NUFORC. Thanks.