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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/12/2013 22:00 (Entered as : 7-12-13 22:00)
Reported: 7/14/2013 6:54:49 PM 18:54
Posted: 7/22/2013
Location: Billings, MT
Shape: Flash
Duration: 3 hours
Characteristics: The object changed color, The object made a sound, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object, Animals reacted to the event
flashing white lights with orange glow & loud sounds during event

my husband & i seen bright flashes of light coming south west of us,what got our attention was the noises we heard,it was disturbing like world war 3! we went out front 1st to listen & the sound continued along with the flashes of light! thats what made us look closer,there was not a cloud in the sky we could see all the stars,it didn't make sense why where there flashes of light like that in the exact same spot for several minutes along with this weird sound-best described as like dinosaurs stomping in close proximity! we went to the back porch to check it out from the back & we got a better view from there,bright flashes WITH loud LOUD stomping noises! I'm not sure how els to describe the sound,other then world war 3! we checked local news to see if maybe there was construction going on to explain this or if we were in fact being "attacked" ..we couldn't find a thing. the noises stopped around 10:30 but shortly after around 11:00 they started aga! in,only this time right out the front door!! we could clearly see bright flashes of white lights with an orange red glow-now i'm a rational person i tend to believe there's a reason or explanation for most everything,but this was very weird!!! the lights would come & go but in almost the EXACT same spot each time-again we could clearly see the big dipper along with other constellations this made NO sense at ALL!! how is it these lights came with no clouds? why where they there? so again we checked the local news,nothing! we even turned on the computer scanner sure we would hear a rationale explanation for this,but we did not find 1!! so we stand outside watching these "strikes" of light but that sound,that sound ill never forget! it was so eerie..I've heard people say they have seen crafts but never any noises at this point now i'm thinking outside the box! as the entire block gathered 1 a retired police officer & his family the other a judge here in billings,so ! on so forth & we are all completely confused! all of us watchi! ng now w e see the bright white lights behind those lights an orange reddish glow from below & behind this "event" we'll call it seeing as no1 has mentioned it on the local news or anywhere other then social media sites,we did not see any kind of "craft" or anything like that,other then when the light came it was very peaceful outside,clear beautiful sky's no storm cell's NOTHING out of the ordinary except these weird lights above & behind our homes! the stranger thing is they moved around billings in a FULL circle,my husband called his sister in Lockwood about 8 minutes out of billings-as we listened & watched in disbelieve we could hear & see it moving,she also heard & seen these strange lights & sounds out in the Lockwood area! she had thought maybe a storm had kicked up out of the blue or maybe the refinery was having issues as they sometimes do here! she also said the noise was so loud that the car alarms in HER area went off each time this happened-but in th! is case i think we can safely say this was NO storm & had nothing to do with the refinery's! again this went on from 10pm to 1am..if anyone can please help explain what this may have been i would be very grateful for any information! it was july 12,2013.. on & off from 10:00pm to 1:00am .. very fast moving lights bright white very loud war of the worlds sounds,along with an orange & red glow about it more at ground level,i know this may sound completely crazy but not 1 of us can figure out what the heck was going on!!! in total there was me,my husband & to be far i would say 20+ people - some with their children so not counting the little one's,but thats how badly this "event" has freaked us all out! .. again i'm a fact based type personality so i am trying to find some logical explanation for this..i guess a "had to be there" moment to understand the bizarreness of it all- between the extreme sounds & amount of lights it was all just VERY VERY bizarre! ! i know it is near impossible for just us in the heights to hav! e seen & heard this! i think most people are just ignoring it or chucking it up to something logical like i was trying to do which is why i'm just now posting this,a friend of mine looked all over the internet to see if any1 els had posted about seeing these & she found this website - so i know this is very long i just want to know if any1 at all knows what it could possibly be! while we watched it did cross our minds that maybe we were being struck by a meteor shower by the sound of it & at first site! it was not that so..again sorry so long just looking for good info on this event! i almost forgot my husband just reminded me as i read to him what i am posting-this is very important i cannot believe i left this part out sometime around 11:00 pm all th way until 1:00am we did hear & see 1 helicopter & several air plans you could see & hear they were not big crafts like jet plans going back & forth city to city these looked & sounded smaller like maybe military or we could be totally! wrong & it could be just the local air port,its just kind of ironic the sky was completely clear untill this event & than we seen & heard air plans & a chopper..thankfully my husband reminded me of a very important detail i almost left out! .. b/c i am certain the crafts we DID see are from the area i didnt check the little box that asks the # of crafts seen,but in total we seen 1 helicopter & 2 air crafts - not like ufo air crafts they looked like ours ..i would say for certain they are ours ..but did not witness any strange air crafts- i.e. ufo or strange looking crafts .. i just want to be as clear as possible and give all the facts & give them right so theres no confusion ..