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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/6/2013
Reported: 7/9/2013 7:35:18 PM 19:35
Posted: 7/14/2013
Location: Pasco, WA
Duration: 45-60 seconds
On the night of July 6th, 2013, a friend and I were driving down Road 100 in a rural part of Pasco, WA. As we were driving, we noticed a blue blinking light in the sky. It was probably 75-100 feet off of the ground. The light was above a house, so we thought it was a light on a pole, probably to signal to airplanes.

As we were driving, I noticed that we had driven past the light, however it seemed like we had reached the light sooner than what it should have taken. I did a double take and at the same time my friend had noticed that the light was actually going past us and we were not driving past it. We immediately stopped and did a U-turn so that we could head back into town.

As we were driving into town though we noticed that the blue light had gone out further and was hovering over Kennewick, WA. Soon after the light was over Kennewick we noticed it do a loop and a turn and start heading towards us again. We were very afraid at this point so I started going about 70 miles an hour down this empty road, the light soon shot past my car and ended up being behind us. The light did appear to be pursuing us, or at least heading in our direction, it never got to close to my car, it kept its distance at about 200 feet away from us. We soon got into town, and as I looked into my rear view mirror the light just kind of dissipated into the air.

The light was hovering above a house on Road 100, that's why we had thought it was a pole because it had been sitting above this house for a few good minutes. Once we got closer that's when the ball of light started to move. The light was like a cobalt blue and it blinked the whole time. I remember driving and seeing it flying by my car, it would blink and then blink out and be in another location when the light came back on. I would describe its movement being similar to a toy helicopter. It would move in odd patterns and was very wispy like a toy helicopter would be, although it was much larger and faster than any toy I've ever seen. The craft changed altitudes a few times where it would be very high in the sky and then lower to the ground, it was also very fast. I don't know how many miles away Kennewick is from Pasco but it seemed to get out there pretty quick, considering this whole experience only lasted about 45-60 seconds.

I wish I would have stopped to get a picture, but I was far to nervous to even think about my phone at the time. The only other strange thing that happened that night was when we got home and my friend looked at her phone she had a strange picture file on her phone dated 12/31/1969 taken at 4:00 pm. She can't delete the file, send the file or look at the file. This may just be coincidence, but the file was not there before the experience.