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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/4/2013 23:00 (Entered as : 07/04/13 23:00)
Reported: 7/4/2013 9:54:16 PM 21:54
Posted: 7/5/2013
Location: Miami, FL
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 15 minutes
bright orange-red firball, rose vertically out of fireworks (thought it was some special firework) then travelled horizontally silently

I am a medical doctor and love watching fireworks like anyone else. I was out on the rooftop of the garage to my apartment complex in Country Club, Miami looking at the fireworks because one can get a great panoramic view from up there. I had been watching the fireworks for about 40mins so I knew pretty much the patterns/details of the various groups of fireworks from around the neighborhood. I noticed 3 orange-red lights flying about 8 miles away I would estimate. They flew at the height of a plane about to land but their trajectory was horizontal, they flew much slower than a plane at that height and they made a triangular configuration. I am pretty sure they weren't from the same object and that their formation made it seem like it could have been a triangular object. I went into my pocket to grab my ipod touch to take a video but i forgot it in my apartment and they went out of sight behind some buildings. This lasted in all approximately 10-15 seconds f! rom the moment i noticed the strange lights to when they went out of sight. I went back to my place to say goodnight and take out the garbage, but I found what I had seen so strange that I grabbed my ipod and went back to the rooftop. I spent about 20mins looking at fireworks and then I saw the strangest thing I had ever seen. About 2miles away (pretty close), another complex was having a display. These were the closest fireworks to my location. What i thought was another firework rising to explode was the same colour fireball I had seen earlier, but much closer and brighter. Imagine looking at fireworks shooting upwards…..naturally, you'd expect it to explode as per usual; this orange-red fireball kept rising and rising and then started coming in my direction. I kinda froze a bit then remembered I had my ipod and took it out nervously to video record it. I got about 4 seconds of it before it turned sharply to the right behind my building, but because I was on the rooftop I! was able to run along the top to see it in view again. It was! travell ing horizontally and then started making circles around where the fireworks were exploding. I listened very carefully to hear if it was a helicopter (with very weird bright orange lights) but couldn't hear anything. my battery to my disgust went dead and I only got a few seconds of it. I was so disappointed. After that, I saw the same thing happen again: a bright red-orange flare-like light come up out of where the fireworks were going off, not explode and then change direction from upward to horizontal to circular. This time the light was clearly pulsing, but randomly. It wasn't a predictable pulse, sometimes very very bright, other times very very dim to the point where you could barely see it. I saw this 4-5 more times after this but these times the light (which was always alone) was just in the sky moving horizontally, then circling back around. It felt like deja vu each time and I kept saying out loud, "what the fuckkkk is that thing" I came down from the roo! f and walked as far as i could in the direction of the light (which was gone by now) to see if I could hear any noise like a helicopter which is the only explanation I had that made any kind of sense). There was not one photon of white light however, only orange-red and no sound. So I decided to google "Fireball July 4th Miami" and a combination of other key words and I came across this website. I actually sent my friend a text message after I saw the very first light at 11:27pm. This was the text: 11:23pm "Dude r u looking at fireworks? " 11:27pm "I'm sure they're gonna be a lot of UFO sightings tonight esp since millions of eyes r in the skies. I swear I just saw the weirdest light in the sky. Thought it was a firework going up as usual but it didn't explode then started traveling horizontally. I got some of it on my ipod video. I followed it. It was bright red like a flare but traveling like a plane and pulsing, not blinking then it just faded and disappeared. WTF?!?! :s"