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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/9/1988 21:50 (Entered as : 09/09/1988 21:50)
Reported: 5/11/2013 1:42:13 AM 01:42
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, WV
Shape: Cigar
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Witnessed "military" C-130 releasing dozens of parachutists to meet with cigar-shaped UFO

I was hiking and camping with a good friend in the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area in West Virginia. I know this area well and have camped there maybe a hundred times previously. We were sitting on a rocky point called Lion’s Head. It is on the west side of Red Creek and from there we could see most of Red Creek Valley from Bear Rocks area up in the north to where it curves sharply toward the west toward Laneville, WV in the south. We were effectively looking down in to a long bowl. Suddenly, a C130 transport plane appeared over the mountain to the south at treetop level. As it cleared the mountain top it dropped down to the valley floor and hugged the treetops. As it came past us it was flying below the point at which we were sitting. It followed the creek up toward the area known as Bear Rocks. As it approached the top of the plateau in the north it suddenly rose high into the sky and a dozens of paratroopers jumped out of it. The plane continued and we neve! r saw it again. We were somewhat amazed at this, the land where we were was a designated wilderness area, and further up near Bear Rocks the land was owned by the power company. We wondered why the military would be conducting exercises there. We decided to hike up to Bear Rocks to see what we could see.

We arrived at Bear Rocks with daylight to spare. We looked around for any signs of these men and in spite of the fact that we were able to see the entire plateau from there, we saw nothing. We decided to setup camp there and spend the night. The evening was uneventful. Then at around 10pm we heard a noise. It sounded like generators. Looking toward the northwest we could see lights and activity in the middle of the plateau on a small hill. We could see people moving around in the lights and could hear the whirring of the generators. Occasionally, we could hear a person yell out, but we did not understand what they said. All of a sudden, we were surprised to see a huge cigar shaped craft move slowly over the scene from the north. It was between 150-200 feet long and had small round windows along its length. It made no apparent noise. The activity was frenzied beneath this craft and went on for nearly 15 minutes. Then suddenly the lights and sound disappeared. We could not see! anything else at this point. We did not see the craft leave, nor did we see where the people on the ground went.

We were a bit nervous about being there that night, but we figured they were far enough away that they would not bother us. We got up quite early and left.

On our way home we decided to stop by my friends parents house. They lived in a valley in Winchester, Virginia alongside the same mountain ridge as our sighting. They were both scientists and we were excited to tell them about it. My friends Mother had designed the original lenses for the first Land Sat satellite, and his father was currently designing some method for detecting marijuana plants from space for the government. The point is, these two were not stupid. Upon hearing our story they asked us if we had been smoking any wacky weed. They seemingly had a hard time keeping a straight face and I think they really believed we were hallucinating. We then went home, both of us frustrated by their ridicule.

About 6 months later I got a call from my friend’s father. He said, “do you remember the UFO you and my son told us about? Well the whole valley has seen it. It has been hovering over the north end of the valley for the past two weekends. The police cannot or will not identify it. We all saw it.” He went on to apologize for not believing us previously.

Many years later I spoke with someone very connected to the UFO field, a good friend actually, he mentioned a story a CIA man told him. He said the CIA man asked him where he though most UFO activity related to the government took place. My friend answered, "Area 51". "No", he said, "West Virginia". He continued, "The mountains there are full of caves and underground bases and located very close to Washington, D.C.. When someone has to go out and meet with one of them, they can sneak out and be back in a few hours. The president, for instance, is watched closely. There is no way he could get out to a place like Area 51 without someone noticing, but it is easy for him to sneak out in a car in the middle of the night unnoticed and be back before anyone can realize he was gone".

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD))