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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/23/2012 00:00 (Entered as : 01/23/2012 00:00)
Reported: 3/30/2013 12:44:59 AM 00:44
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Shanghai (China),
Shape: Circle
Duration: 3-4 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Orange Orb sighting in Shanghai, China, Chinese New Year, January 23, 2012

I accompanied my mother and stepfather on a trip to Shanghai, China in on January 7, 2012. We went there so that my mom could get a specific set of treatments that lasted almost six weeks for a very rare cancer that she had. The treatments were successful; but that is not what this is about.

On January 23, the very first night of the Chinese New Year 2012, my mom's doctor, ((name deleted)), his girlfriend ((name deleted)), my stepfather's granddaughter ((name deleted)) and I all went to the Bund aka the Zhongshan Dongyi Road waterfront area in central Shanghai to celebrate the incoming Year of the Dragon with thousands of Chinese and other visitors for the from all over the world. The Bund is the picturesque area overlooking the Yangtze River where the river takes a dramatic bend and where the most incredible and unique architecturally designed buildings reside along both sides of its bank.

Most of the buildings, hotels, banks, etc. in that area are very, very modern and very, very tall skyscrapers that are elaborately lit up as soon as night falls. They are truly something to behold. Not all of the buildings are new, but are older, well preserved buildings that are also elaborately lit up when evening comes to show off their glory from an earlier time in Shanghai history when the Germans had an influence on the architecture in Shanghai. Whenever you see a picture/photo of Shanghai you will most often see the area that I am describing here.

I forget the name of the hotel we ended up celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Dragon in, but it was gorgeous and it had close to 120 floors. We ended up spending the evening in a very scenic cocktail/party lounge area that occupied the entire 97th floor. We arrived at about 10:30 pm that night. We went there to celebrate, enjoy the crowd, the beautiful panoramic view overlooking the all of Shanghai, the Yangtze River and the all of the amazing skyscrapers on both sides of the river that were beautifully lit up and shimmering over the Yangtze. We could look down through any window on that floor and be able to see the fireworks that were being fired up into the sky from hundreds of different areas of the city and beyond. We had to look down upon the fireworks because they weren't able to reach up and explode in the sky as high up as we were on the 97th floor. You also could literally walk from one window to the next and then end up where you started from to get an even broader view of the city. In other words, we had a panoramic view from every angle of the lounge since all the walls on the 97th floor were made of window glass.

They really go for the gold in China on the very first night of the Chinese New Year—a celebration that goes on for almost two weeks. This night was particularly special because it was the Year of the Dragon and super special because it was the the night I saw an orange orb in the sky fly between my building and the building across the Yangtze River from me. It was an orange orb that flew much higher in the sky than any of the fireworks were able to reach that were exploding below.

Here is where my sighting begins: At exactly ten seconds before midnight everyone started the New Year's Eve countdown. When the clock ticked to midnight we all began cheering, toasting each other and giving each other hugs. It was at that very same moment when most of the people around us were still embracing and wishing each other a “Happy New Year” that ((woman's name deleted)), my stepfather's granddaughter, asked me to look out the window to help her identify what this strange round orange orb was that was coming toward us from just above and maybe about a quarter of a mile behind one of the buildings facing us on the opposing bank of the Yangtze. It was a bright orange glowing ball/orb. It was not overly bright, nor emitting a glare. I would say that 99.8% of it was orange with only a slightly bit yellow at the back end of it. However, I couldn't see the tiny bit of yellow on the back of it until it made a smooth and steady turn in front of me--going from my right to my left as I faced it--between our building and the building it had to pass in front of and over the river in order to make that turn. Before making that turn though, ((woman's name deleted)) and I initially thought the orange orb could possibly have been a type of flare that the military uses a parachute to suspend it from to light up an area; but we decided, no, it couldn't have been a flare because it wasn't floating down--it maintained its height and was coming toward us too fast and too steadily to be that type of flare.

From my very first sighting of it it took approximately eight to ten seconds for it to reach the area where it made the turn between the buildings. I really got a good look at it. It was gliding, but going fast. It flew in the air space a helicopter would fly in and, yet, it was flying so low in the sky in an area where any jet, large or small, would never be allowed to fly within. I have to add that I have never seen, nor do I believe I ever will see a helicopter or airplane/jet make such a fast-gliding sharp/tight turn—I don't believe its possible.

We weren't the only ones who saw it because several people around us were shouting out, “UFO!” Right at the moment when the orange orb began making its turn over the river I excitedly asked Dr. ((name deleted)) and ((name deleted)) to come over and take a look at it with me. He was a little bit farther away from the window than I was within the interior of the lounge. They were in an embrace, but I felt that I had to break them up in order to call both their attention to the orange orb in the sky. I didn't feel guilty! As I began calling out to Dr. ((name deleted)), that is when ((woman's name deleted)) took off running from one window to the next in an attempt to keep sight of the orange orb until it disappeared. A few others ran after it with her, as I recall I didn't run after it; I'm not the running type. It was too crowded in the lounge and as I say, I started having a conversation with Dr. ((name deleted)) about what we all had just witnessed. He said that he, himself, had seen many UFO's in China—that many people often do. In fact, so did Yoko. They acted like it really was no big thing and weren't nearly as excited as I was about it. I was in a tizzy because it was my first experience with a UFO! It wasn't a jet, it wasn't a helicopter, nor a parachutist. It was a UFO--none of us could explain what it was, so it had to be a UFO.