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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/13/2013 21:35 (Entered as : 02/13/2013 21:35)
Reported: 2/13/2013 9:16:30 PM 21:16
Posted: 2/18/2013
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Shape: Light
Duration: 25 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Fleet sighting in Indiana

Tonight at approximately 9:35pm local time I stepped outside onto my 4th floor apartment deck to smoke a cigarette and happened to look up and see multiple bright objects flying by overhead. They were all a brilliant white and were traveling east to west at different altitudes. Their speed seemed to be around twice that of the passenger jets that I see frequently flying east to west or vice versa. Some of these objects were below the clouds some were in the clouds and some were at very high altitude. I heard no sound associated with this phenomena. The sighting lasted approximately 20 to 25 minutes as I counted in excess of 50 objects flying by at different speeds and altitudes. The objects seemed to pulsate bright white. There were no navigation lights on these objects. There were also airplanes in the area that were significantly dimmer and flashing colored navigation lights. On several occasions I saw objects change direction and or stop in-flight to avoid flying aircraft. In fact I saw two objects change direction at 90 angles instantaneously to avoid aircraft, then continue their Westerly progress.

I have been an amateur astronomer most of my life. Consequently I know an airplane when I see it. These were not airplanes. I have always been a skeptic of these kinds of phenomena. I am 55 years old and can honestly say I have never ever seen anything like this in my lifetime.

I attempted taking video with my I-phone and photographs with my digital camera (which has a zoom lens). The video did not turn out, however I do have a couple of photographs with stationary stars in the background and an image of one of the objects as a white streak. If you request I would be happy to forward these to you.