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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/29/2012 18:40 (Entered as : 07/29/12 18:40)
Reported: 7/31/2012 4:42:45 AM 04:42
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Cleveland (Australia),
Shape: Circle
Duration: 8 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Three pink/orange spheres spotted over Cleveland, Queensland, Australia

Cleveland, Queensland, Australia - 29th July 2012 - 18:40.

I was out in the backyard tending to our dogs when I looked up and noticed one pink/orange light in the sky. It was moving more slowly than the planes that I often see above my suburban estate and was not blinking or flashing the way plane lights do. It was an hour past sundown so the sky was dark and there were stars out and light cloud here and there. As I watched it head from the north east towards the south-west I saw two other lights, that were exactly the same as the first, come into my field of view from behind the tall trees two streets away. The first light stopped and seemed to wait for the other two lights which slid into place behind and either side of the first, forming the three points of a triangle, before all three began to move slowly south-west together. They emitted no sound that we were able to perceive.

I called my mother out to watch them and she agreed how strange they were. She said it looked like the head lights and wing lights of a very, very large yet invisible plane, such was the unformity of their movement ( see points below for vague illustration of position).




After continuing south-west for about three minutes the lights seemed to stop dead and I felt like they were watching us. Mum (who's in her seventies) went back inside, bewildered and I went in to grab my camera. When I returned less than a minute later, there was no sign of them. They may have disappeared into the light cloud but should have eventually come out however they didn't in the next 20 minutes I watched for them. I did notice that an aircraft did enter into the zone from which the second and third spheres had first originated in the 20 minutes after our sighting. This patch of sky is not on any of the flight paths that extend over and around my house. I have lived here for six years and am regularly in the backyard at night smoking cigarettes so I know the traffic of the sky here very well and these lights were like nothing I have ever seen.

I am willing to entertain the idea that they may have been Chinese lanterns, as apparently they move with the absolute uniformity possessed by the lights we saw, and the wind was out of the ENE that evening, which would mean they were heading with the wind. Also no other sightings of these lights have been reported which, given the time, leads me to believe they were local and lends credence to the Chinese lantern theory. However, there was absolutely no flickering or wavering of the lights of any kind. They were a solid orange with a light pink haze surrounding them. I'm not sure whether that is how Chinese lanterns are perceived by observers. If it is, then the mystery is solved, but if not, these lights were indeed UFOs.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))