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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/4/2012 20:40 (Entered as : 06042012 20:40)
Reported: 6/7/2012 1:02:22 PM 13:02
Posted: 6/8/2012
Location: Bay St. Louis, MS
Shape: Sphere
Duration: 3 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color
I have not witnessed these type of unknown bright beautiful objects in sixty three year life before.

Each object was glowing yellow with a bright red aura-like field surrounding the objects. 14 identical objects traveled south to north in a linear flight pattern with some variation. No noise came from the objects and spaced 100's of yards apart with some variation. Altitude was about 2000 feet.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and we found him to be quite sober-minded and objective in his description of the objects. PD))