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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/3/2012 20:22 (Entered as : 02/03/12 8:22)
Reported: 2/3/2012 9:03:24 PM 21:03
Posted: 2/10/2012
Location: Chattaroy, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 56 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color
We saw a UFO on Thursday February 3, 2012, in the Southeastern sky. It was a circular shape, and had red, blue, yellow and white flashing (strobing) lights on the bottom. The lights came from the center of the UFO and strobed to the outside of the craft in a star pattern.

It rotated slowly, and proceeded to (dance) do figure 8's in the sky while staying in the same area. It moved diagonally, left, and right, but very fast. Faster than a plane or helicopter could fly.

Then suddenly the light dimmed and disappeared. Then to the Southwestern sky we saw a very large white light that seemed to be suspended in the air. It remained until the first one disappeared.

((NUFORC Note: We have changed the time above to reflect an evening sighting. PD))