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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/8/2011 19:41 (Entered as : 8/8/11 19:41)
Reported: 1/5/2012 3:19:59 PM 15:19
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: Clinton, CT
Shape: Other
Duration: 2.03
Characteristics: The object changed color
I knew it was something strange and I went to go get my camera.

I was at my storage unit and looked at the horizon for no reason when I noticed a blinking white light. The light was different and it did not compare to anything I have seen at this location. I am very familiar with the air traffic at this location because I have been coming here for years and have seen all types of air traffic at all times of day and night in all types of weather. I sensed something about this light and decided to get my camera.It acted too different so I knew it was interesting shortly after seeing it.I use a Flip Digital camera and was not sure if it would even pick it up. I filmed it and I became more interested and decided to get my binoculars so as to see if this was something I could identify. I put my camera down and viewed it. When I finally found it in my viewfinder it rose at a somewhat 45 degree angle and either imitated a planes lights or placed itself behind a plane, it seemed to me it had done something deceptive. I watched what now looked like a standard flashing plane (jet)lighting pattern and it continued on a lateral course until I became bored and stopped watching.