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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/3/2011 07:00 (Entered as : 02/3/2011 7:00)
Reported: 7/9/2011 1:01:18 AM 01:01
Posted: 7/17/2011
Location: Lehigh, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 10 min
Black triangular craft with no running lights and two blue burners on the bottom flying near hwy 82 and sunshine in Lehigh

I was driving down Sunshine Blvd. in Lehigh Acres, Fl., coming up on the intersection to Hwy 82, when I noticed something flying to the right of my car on the passenger side. This is an area of the road which is not well lit and has a lot of trees.

It was just at sunset. There was a slight bit of sunlight left behind the craft, as this was west. At this point, I could not see the object very well because the angle from being in the driverís seat, could not see what shape it had and could only the edge.

At first I doubted I was seeing anything due to the lack of lighting visible on or under it and the low sunlight. It appeared very dark, and I did not notice any sunlight reflecting off the body of it.

As it continued to stay even with my car, I realized there truly was something there and marveled that a plane would fly so low without lights. I couldnít be sure how high it was, but could tell it seemed fairly close to the tree tops. I assumed it was a plane, as an airport is close by.

As I moved closer to the intersection, the craft veered off to the right away from the road at a 45 degree angle. I remember thinking how odd that a plane could turn so fast and assumed that whatever it was had left and I wouldnít see it again. This whole event lasted maybe a minute or two.

After I turned onto Hwy 82, I realized I could see the object flying along the highway. Interested, I sped up and moved closer to it. I stayed a little behind it so as to try and get a better look at it.

At this time I noticed that instead of defined wings, it was a solid triangular shape, simular to a stealth fighter plane. But unlike the stealth, this craft was longer and less acute of an angle. The edges and corners were rounded, not pointed. I couldn't see a bump for a pilot's seat. it had a slight increase in depth from front to back. There were no jet engines that I could see or hear.

At this point I had rolled down the window to listen. The only lights I could see were two blue round lights, or something like lights, located on the bottom. At this point I realized that it was odd to be able to pace something flying. I donít know a lot about planes, but I would think they need to fly faster than the 60 mph. I was driving to keep up with it.

Within a few minutes! the craft did a sharp 90 degree turn in front of my car and flew off into the direction of the airport. I was never able to hear any sound coming from the craft.

I understand that this could be an airplane of some type that I do not know of. I would love to find out if there is a plane such as this. I did try to grab my phone and take a picture but of course it wasnít charged up. This is pretty common for me.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))