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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/26/2011 00:30 (Entered as : 04/26/11 0:30)
Reported: 4/26/2011 10:53:29 AM 10:53
Posted: 5/2/2011
Location: Pacoima/Tujunga, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration: 3-4 Hours on and off
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
Faint red disc shape seen multiple times in a long span of time, over mountains and dam.

Around midnight I stepped outside for a smoke before bed and was on the phone with my boyfriend when I saw the object. It wasnít high in the sky but more on the level where I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye. It appeared to be a faint reddish color, not too bright but bright enough to see clearly. And you could really see it with the clear sky. It was disc like in shape, but that could have been motion blurring it? It was going left in a zig zag motion and then stopped (complete stop) and dropped down then came up again then shot off to the left. It was there and the next moment it was just gone. Since itís been extremely windy, I also though perhaps it could have been a plastic bag up high or some other thing, but nothing Iíd know of would just stop like that. I went inside for a while but decided to come back out about half an hour later to see if I could ease my fears because frankly itís scary thing to experience. I wasnít seeing anything ! and again I was on the phone with my boyfriend when I happened to see it again. This time it went from the left of the sky to the right with little corkscrew-ish turns but extremely fast and smoothly. It wasnít as faint as before when it had been near the mountains and it seemed a little larger in appearance. We have a dam nearby thatís extremely well lit up and it went in that direction. I stayed out for another hour looking for it still and it actually appeared again. It seemed to come back from that direction but this time it flew seemingly straight and still extremely fast. I actually had to get out of my car to see where it was going. About 3 minutes passed and I saw it the final time. It appeared near the little/big dipper (not sure which it was) and made a few strange movements like it was drawing a star or octagon. Just left, right, forward, back but all extremely fast. And this time instead of winking out when it was done, it did it in the middle. It would reappear! then disappear. Then it finally stopped. I waited another hou! r before I went inside to bed but it didnít reappear again. As a result i'm one tired camper at work this morning!! Because of the weather, I considered trash flying about or debris in the sky perhaps catching the glow of the lights around me, but the way this moved and the range of sky I repeatedly saw the same object in nullifies that conclusion.

I saw a lot of planes as well, but this was closer to the earth than they were. Also, the planes were extremely slow where as this object caused me to look from my right and turn around to continue looking at it in 4 seconds.

I also considered other things like lights or laser pointers, but there was absolutely nothing for anything to reflect off of. It was a completely clear night and the wind was blowing in gusts of 35mph.

Also, each time I saw the object wasnít for long at all. The first time was the longest, lasting about 15 seconds. The 2nd and third time were both durations of 4-5 seconds. And the 4th time it lasted maybe a little longerÖ8 seconds at most.

I believe there might have been only one of them, but i'm pretty sure that the last 3 sightings were the same one. If anyone could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated. If it's not a UFO (well i suppose it is lol), then are there any logical alternative explanations for this?